Universal - Sep 14 2019

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Clues Answers
"It's deja vu all over again" and others YOGIISMS
"No ice" NEAT
"Thanks, but I already ___" ATE
A server might bring an extra one PLATE
Act like a ham EMOTE
Advice columnist Landers ANN
Anecdotal knowledge LORE
Answer a charge PLEAD
Appropriately DULY
Authority SAYSO
Bear in the sky URSA
Bond investor's concern (letters 4-7) COUPONYIELD
Chimney duct FLUE
Church nook APSE
Clarke of "Game of Thrones" EMILIA
Close pals, in texts BFFS
Concluded ENDED
Connection points NODES
Curve with rising action STORYARC
Decimal system base TEN
Denver winter hrs MST
Diamond sock pattern ARGYLE
Early 20th-century author Fannie HURST
Et ___ (and others) ALIA
Expressed amazement OOHED
Fall on, as one's knees DROPTO
Feel poorly AIL
First-stringers ATEAM
Fish that's hard to hold EEL
Fried Southern vegetable OKRA
Gambling mecca by the Mediterranean Sea MONACO
Gambling mecca by the South China Sea MACAU
German industrial region RUHR
Hagen of Broadway UTA
Hebrew boy's name that anagrams to "Mara" ARAM
Ink stain BLOT
Interview-style exam ORAL
It may be premium GAS
Clues Answers
Italian article UNA
Kind of daisy OXEYE
List headings for decision-making (see letters 2-5) PROANDCON
Make a bundle (letters 1-5) FILLYOURPOCKETS
Metal worker? ROBOT
Mine vehicle ORECAR
Mountain nymph OREAD
Not be a stranger (letters 4-8) KEEPINTOUCH
One pitching to a doc (letters 5-8) PHARMAREP
Passport stamps, perhaps VISAS
Pastry with cheese and cherry varieties SCONE
Peter or Nicholas TSAR
Pizzazz OOMPH
Place for photos ALBUM
Police interrogation role BADCOP
Pop star Horan NIALL
Pro ___ (in proportion) RATA
Quilt filler EIDER
Rattlesnake venom, e.g TOXIN
Rock concert gear AMPS
Santa ___ winds ANA
Sink below the horizon SET
Sleepy sheets? CELS
Small Welsh breed CORGI
Spherical legume PEA
Springfield school bus driver OTTO
Stereotypical mathletes NERDS
Structural support BEAM
Thompson of "SNL" KENAN
Tread heavily STOMP
Tulsa sch ORU
Very, in music MOLTO
Wayne Gretzky, for a record nine times NHLMVP
Website annoyances ADS
Western Russian mountains URALS
Win the heart of ENAMOR
Words before "whim" ONA
___ McAn shoes THOM