Irish Times (Crosaire) - Sep 6 2019

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Clues Answers
A crude container taking in a lot of Bordeaux BARREL
Arrested in disturbance and put in chains RESTRAINED
Both sides of the Polish Corridor is short of money POOR
Business practice? CUSTOM
Cite a visit planned with things to do Activities
Contemplates losing the head with exercises USES
Frank Christian from container ship OPEN
From the start, barrister in court case is sticking with his own lot TRIBAL
Groundwork for showing off cars here RESEARCH
Handy personal cover is something to put away for a rainy day UMBRELLA
Heavy old wool tops in ship manifests SHOWS
Hitting one's stride going around in leather HIDE
Looked for a church hothead in Genesis SEARCHED
One rigs climb around summit of Everest with engineer acting foolish IMBECILE
Clues Answers
Outfits inform criminal in America UNIFORMS
Psychiatrists dismiss physicist in The Sun STAR
S?le gets up after writing to hotel with gusto RELISH
Sick note for one with cold relating to one's head NOETIC
Starter at function could be practical for classy types COURSEWORK
The first issue for Adam ELDEST
The outer limits of spring and the first sign of spring? BOUNDARIES
The stumbling blocks for lots of children ISSUES
Those enlisted in the pay of a major employer SOLDIERS
Those on the water, for example, capable of depleting spirits DRINKERS
What you should get from 7 down or from investigator's conclusions FINDINGS
Wine from New Delhi kept under lock and key HELD
Wit seems to be missing from summer house HUMOUR
You'd hope those in 14 across will do this and the boxing promoter should be able to manage it (3,2,1,4,5) PUTUPAGOODFIGHT