New York Times - Aug 15 2019

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Clues Answers
Aachen article DER
About to go out SLEEPY
Angler's purchases LURES
Apt hairstyle for a gunslinger? BANGS
Asinine INANE
Aspic-like dish GELEE
Attention-getting phrase NOTABENE
Barbecue cut BEEFRIB
Big swigs BELTS
Bromantic activity [5] MALEBONDING
Chain fastened to a ship's yard TYE
Chuck nicknamed the 'King of Sitcoms' LORRE
Civil rights legis. of 1990 ADA
Coach Popovich with five N.B.A. championships GREGG
Conductor Georg SOLTI
Craft-selling site ETSY
Dark hue EBON
Drugmaker's claim [6] NOSIDEEFFECTS
Dullsville NOFUN
Easy quiz to grade [5] TRUEORFALSETEST
Filled and steamed bun, in Chinese cuisine BAO
First name of Russia's first president BORIS
Fixes, in a way GLUES
French ladies MESDAMES
Government agcy. much impersonated in scam calls IRS
High-percentage crime? USURY
Is clearly blue WEEPS
Jamaica ___, N.Y. (childhood home of Donald Trump) ESTATES
Like the sexual references in PG-13 movies TAME
Little carp NIT
Memorable 2011 hurricane IRENE
Mortgage fig APR
Office address abbr STE
Online admin SYSOP
Clues Answers
Org. with a top 10 list FBI
Producer of the 'Code Switch' and 'Planet Money' podcasts NPR
Prostate, e.g GLAND
Really desire, with 'over' DROOL
Rebel Turner NAT
Remove ID from, as a Facebook post UNTAG
Sacred symbol TOTEM
Signal when to begin CUEIN
Sister network of Animal Planet and HGTV TLC
Skin pic TAT
Slanted column OPED
Snack item once advertised as 'WONDERfILLED' OREO
So, humorously THUSLY
Some circulation channels AORTAS
Some game FOWL
Some hieroglyphic symbols EYES
Sound of wonder OOH
Speed skater Ohno APOLO
Splits into bits RICES
Start of many Mexican city names SAN
Sub tenant? OCEANAUT
Suffix with novel ETTE
Take apart in order to reproduce ... or a hint to what's hidden in 17-, 23-, 34- and 46-Across REVERSEENGINEER
Test whose scores range from 100 to 200, in brief GED
Topics in couples therapy NEEDS
Travelocity mascot GNOME
Treater of a deviated septum, for short ENT
TV star with a museum in Jamestown, N.Y. [4] LUCILLEBALL
West Coast airport code SFO
What the first letter of 56-Down stands for EAR
___ Cheney, former second lady LYNNE
___ Missouri USS
___ Mongolia INNER
___ Stark, 'Game of Thrones' patriarch NED