The Sun - Two Speed - Aug 14 2019

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Clues Answers
Abandoned settlement ghost town
Adult vice that's accepted AGREED
Appropriate to include new and shocking report BANG
Bad horse given lots to carry HARMFUL
Bound along LOPE
Casual talk (informal) NATTER
Close match in which one retires NIGHTIE
Community with spirit but not much else? ghost town
Conceded AGREED
Conservative progresses in troubled times CRISES
Crazy man will become hard case NUTSHELL
Crude types? They work well! OILMEN
Cuts in central Greece producing blackout ECLIPSE
Cutting of e.g. parsley SPRIG
Cutting tool that's light? LASER
Dangerous HARMFUL
Driver's route finder (abbr.) SATNAV
Emergency situations CRISES
Eve fan has broken down in refuge safe haven
Explosive sound BANG
Favouring lock in secure place FORTRESS
Finished crossing OVER
Fruit container NUTSHELL
Gaze upon BEHOLD
Good after a drink to be getting on AGING
Clues Answers
Gustav ---, Planets composer HOLST
Look courageous, captivating English hearts BEHOLD
Machine used in some surgeries LASER
Master has virus — too bad VIRTUOSO
Maturing AGING
Mediterranean resort RIVIERA
Men finally treat distressed yak NATTER
Old MacDonald had this fine weapon FARM
Overshadow ECLIPSE
Party-giver entertains student musician HOLST
Peculiar ODD
Rum brought back from Buckland Down ODD
Sanctuary safe haven
See exercises for extended stride LOPE
Shoot southern prude SPRIG
Six-ball cricket period OVER
Skilled musician VIRTUOSO
Sleepwear (informal) NIGHTIE
Spiky character flat out on road? HEDGEHOG
Spined creature HEDGEHOG
Tavern BAR
Texan tycoons OILMEN
Trip director took seat on vehicle going north SATNAV
Waterway swamps isle by a coastal area RIVIERA
Work the land FARM
Young Simpson endlessly seen in pub BAR