Universal - Aug 7 2019

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Clues Answers
"Darling" DEARIE
"I get that a ___" LOT
"Meet" companion GREET
"Octopuses" or "octopi" PLURAL
"Trip" singer Ella MAI
1 or 11, in blackjack ACE
1942 Disney deer BAMBI
Act as chairperson, say PRESIDE
Aretha Franklin genre SOUL
Big do GALA
Bills featuring Washington ONES
Bit of sweat BEAD
Bravo preceder ALFA
Catch a glimpse of SEE
City known for its pizza style NAPLES
City known for its salami style GENOA
Crawley's title on "Downton Abbey" EARL
Cyclops' I's IOTAS
Dust arachnid MITE
Dwarf planet between Mars and Jupiter CERES
Early Mexican AZTEC
Factory-fresh NEW
First in a literary series BOOKI
Flat-topped hills MESAS
Flats' counterparts SHARPS
Floppy beagle part EAR
Go off the grid UNPLUG
Half portion at a luau? MAHI
Hartford-based insurer AETNA
Head-y beverage BEER
Heeded the alarm AROSE
Honeycomb locale BEEHIVE
Honorary poem ODE
It may have a part HAIR
JAMA readers DRS
January honoree, briefly MLK
Jim who dueled with a knife BOWIE
Knight wear ARMOR
Last name of fur fame ASTOR
Clues Answers
Like a baby's grasp reflex INNATE
Long, long ___ AGO
Make a case PLEAD
Make off-limits BAN
Martial ___ ARTS
Medicinal succulent ALOE
Miller bottle word LITE
Money on the poker table POT
New Mexico senator Tom UDALL
One needing keys to break in HACKER
Pound of poems EZRA
Princess of Arendelle, in "Frozen" ANNA
Seashell seller of note SHE
Shakespeare, notably BARD
Slick swimmer EEL
Slopes sliders SKIS
Son of Aphrodite EROS
Spare tire stuff FLAB
Speck in the Caribbean ISLE
Speech therapy target LISP
Star-shaped bloomer ASTER
Story that often has cobwebs ATTIC
Tarzan's reaction to an acceptable book-borrowing place? LIBRARYFINE
Tarzan's recap of a typical baseball game? BATTINGAVERAGE
Tarzan's report on sinkhole damage? HOUSEBROKEN
Tarzan's review of an exceptional new film? PICTUREPERFECT
Terminal guesses, briefly ETDS
Texter's button SEND
Thing to pick NIT
Tower with a replica in Las Vegas EIFFEL
Toy dog's bark YAP
Tummy trouble ACHE
Uber alternative CAB
Wine barrel CASK
Woody Guthrie's son ARLO
Wrench variety ALLEN
You may join one on Facebook GROUP
___ d'hotel MAITRE