- Aug 1 2019

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Clues Answers
''All done!'' TADA
''Golden'' time AGE
''Pravda'' founder LENIN
''Were you raised in __?'' ABARN
Accounts payable DEBTS
Antonym of ''hinder'' ABET
Apple Store inventory IPADS
Articulates UTTERS
Artistic expressions STYLES
Austen novel EMMA
Bard's preposition ERE
Base-running term TAGUP
Battle of the Bulge region ARDENNES
Beach accumulations DUNES
Before now AGO
Beyond category UNIQUE
Biblical excerpt VERSE
Bit of advice TIP
Brewpub creations ALES
Carter, in the '70s GEORGIAGOVERNOR
Certain new resident EMIGRE
Closest star SOL
Cocktail with lime juice GINGIMLET
Come by STOPIN
Cut with a light LASE
Denouement ENDING
Diabolical EVIL
Dragonfly prey ANT
Endorse digitally ESIGN
Erstwhile GM division OLDS
Far beyond miffed LIVID
Full extent GAMUT
Gerundial conclusion ING
Go __ (decline) TOPOT
Hill count in Roma SETTE
Holds a candle to RIVALS
Hoops Hall of Famer Rodman DENNIS
Clues Answers
In the least ONEBIT
Jordan's port AQABA
Justice since 2006 ALITO
Kraft Foods instant SANKA
Land in the Indian Ocean SRILANKA
Let out __ (bellow) AROAR
Lightly colored TINGED
Low ''nĂºmero'' UNO
MacArthur Fellowship, familiarly GENIUSGRANT
Mandela's org ANC
Manipulates USES
Many a minor ''Argo'' role IRANI
Much money, so to speak PILE
Muse of memory MNEME
Off the mark ERRING
Offshoot ARM
Out like a light ASLEEP
Parent in the woods DOE
Pastureland RANGE
Rounding up on a 39 Down WRANGLING
Scaled model MAP
Sch. with a Spokane campus WSU
Shape of some galaxies SPIRAL
Site of the William Tell legend URI
Sleep study acronym REM
Superman story regular LOIS
Supervised RAN
Support staffer AIDE
The parents MOMANDPOP
Toughie POSER
Traditional turkey topping GIBLETGRAVY
Turns into compost ROTS
Twist open UNCAP
Wage discrepancy issue GENDERGAP
Wonder-full expression GEE
Write jottings on NOTATE