The Times - Concise - Times Concise Jumbo 1296

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Clues Answers
A language's syntax and morphology GRAMMAR
Act of declining to take or accept something REFUSAL
American marsupial OPOSSUM
Badly behaved child BRAT
Ball-shaped SPHERICAL
Basic constituent part ELEMENT
Church assembly SYNOD
Comprehensively include ENCOMPASS
Confirm receipt of ACKNOWLEDGE
Device for stopping blood flow TOURNIQUET
Edmund —, English poet SPENSER
Excellent SUPERB
Female athlete or player SPORTSWOMAN
Fishing vessel TRAWLER
Flavoured Greek wine RETSINA
Frightening in appearance FEARSOME
Group of notes sung to one syllable MELISMA
Heavy blow CLOUT
Insert between one thing and another INTERPOSE
Lacking seriousness or depth LIGHTWEIGHT
Light orchestral work DIVERTIMENTO
List of items for meeting AGENDA
Make (a bill) law ENACT
Means of signalling by dots and dashes morse code
Most impressive act star turn
Not highly educated UNCULTIVATED
Of exceptional strength or size TITANIC
One using an item of equipment OPERATOR
Payment of large sums by papers for the right to publish chequebook journalism
Pear-shaped fruit QUINCE
Clues Answers
Pedantically find fault NITPICK
Persian provincial governor SATRAP
Person interested in winning prizes POTHUNTER
Police officer INSPECTOR
Problem solving using an indirect approach lateral thinking
Pure-bred descent PEDIGREE
Put right a false impression set the record straight
Refrain from doing something FORBEAR
Remove impurities from REFINE
Repetition ITERATION
Return to a former state REGRESS
River joining the Thames at Reading KENNET
Scottish Highland resort and port NAIRN
SI unit of power WATT
Simple boat CANOE
Special right PRIVILEGE
St Columba's isle IONA
Strike; pulsate BEAT
Strong thread or string TWINE
Suffering nausea on board SEASICK
Temporarily halt SUSPEND
Three-hulled vessel TRIMARAN
Traffic jam snarl-up
Unable to believe something INCREDULOUS
Unchanging CONSTANT
Unnecessary ornament FRIPPERY
Violation of something sacred SACRILEGE
Without a fair chance of success out of the running
Worthy of favourable treatment DESERVING