New York Times - Jul 28 2019

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Clues Answers
'... ___ mouse?' ORA
'A Little Night Music' composer SONDHEIM
'Alas!,' in Austria ACH
'Days of Grace' memoirist Arthur ASHE
'For rent' sign TOLET
'For shame!' TSK
'Give me an example!' NAMEONE
'Go ___ Watchman' (Harper Lee novel) SETA
'Hahahahahaha!' LMAO
'Hold it right there!' STOP
'I found what you're looking for!' HEREITIS
'I like that!' OOH
'In case you didn't hear me ...' ISAID
'It's bulls and blood, it's dust and mud,' per a Garth Brooks hit RODEO
'The Jungle Book' boy MOWGLI
'You wish' DREAMON
Alteration of a video game, in gamer lingo MOD
Angioplasty inserts STENTS
Assembly ARRAY
Award for technological development since 1995 XPRIZE
Baby shark PUP
Barely scratches (out) EKES
Be on the court for tipoff, say START
Beehive State bloomer SEGO
Bening with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame ANNETTE
Bicker (with) SPAR
Big 12 college town AMES
Big things in D.C. and Hollywood EGOS
Bite-size chocolate candy KISS
Blacken on the barbecue CHAR
Bouillabaisse base FISH
Bounty hunter shot by Han Solo in 'Star Wars: A New Hope' GREEDO
Built up gradually ACCRETED
Burns, in a way SCALDS
Business with perpetually high sales? SKYMALL
Change, as a hotel lock REKEY
Chapeau site TETE
Charlemagne's domain, for short HRE
Chesterfield or reefer TOPCOAT
Chopped down HEWN
Cocktails with gin, vermouth and Campari NEGRONIS
Comics debut of 1963 XMEN
Corvette roof options TTOPS
CPR administrator EMT
Creature slain in the Mines of Moria by Gandalf BALROG
Dead letters? RIP
Deepest lake in the U.S. after Crater Lake TAHOE
Designates for a specific purpose EARMARKS
Discovery of penicillin, e.g ACCIDENT
Dog to beware of SNARLER
Drink stirred with a spoon COCOA
Easily split rock SCHIST
Easy way that might lead to error PRIMROSEPATH
End-of-semester stressor EXAM
Enthusiastic enjoyment GUSTO
Eye-catching print pattern LEOPARD
Film-rating org MPAA
First words PREAMBLE
Gave the pink slip AXED
Generally speaking FORTHEMOSTPART
Girl's name that's also a state abbreviation IDA
Glassy-eyed look BLANKSTARE
God, with 'the' MAKER
Group on the dark side of the Force SITH
Home for doves and pigeons COTE
Home for herons and egrets MARSH
Clues Answers
Important topic in golf instruction STANCE
Individually APIECE
It borders the Suez Canal SINAI
It's all downhill from here ACME
It's skipped in the Gregorian calendar YEARZERO
It's SW of the Pyrenees IBERIA
Jane Jetson's son ELROY
Keto diet no-no CARB
Kind of alcohol used as biofuel ETHYL
Kylo of the 'Star Wars' films REN
L.G.B.T. History Mo OCT
Lead role in 'Chicago' ROXIE
Like the verb 'to be': Abbr IRR
Longtime Hyundai model AZERA
Malek who won a Best Actor Oscar for 'Bohemian Rhapsody' RAMI
Man, to Marcus Aurelius HOMO
Mao-___ (Chinese liquor) TAI
Miss, say ERR
Mobile CELL
Moth attractors LAMPS
Myriad HOST
Netflix crime drama set in a small town in Missouri OZARK
Not only that but also NAY
November 13, e.g IDES
Occasion for a high school after-party PROM
One of two in 'The Grapes of Wrath' IAMB
One-named singer with the 2017 #1 album 'Melodrama' LORDE
Org. in a 1976 sports merger ABA
Organism that grows on another plant nonparasitically EPIPHYTE
Place reached by boat ISLE
Place where musical talent may be wasted? KARAOKEBAR
Pompous pronoun ROYALWE
Précis RECAP
Premium movie channel STARZ
Printing measurement PICA
Propping (up) SHORING
Pulitzer-winning W.W. II journalist ERNIEPYLE
Purchase for a celebration CHAMPAGNE
Real nostalgia trip BLASTFROMTHEPAST
Rescue site for a polar bear BERG
Russian rulers of old TSARINAS
Shed, as feathers MOLTED
Shrek's love FIONA
Sleeve opening ARMHOLE
Small, rectangular candy PEZ
Some laughable language mistakes - as found literally (in consecutive letters) in 24-, 37-, 55-, 75- and 92-Across MIXEDMETAPHORS
Some track-and-field training SPRINTS
Something to dip in the water OAR
Sometime collaborator with William Shakespeare, per the Oxford University Press CHRISTOPHERMARLOWE
Source of the line 'A Jug of Wine, a Loaf of Bread - and Thou' RUBAIYAT
Stable period from Augustus to Marcus Aurelius PAXROMANA
Statistician Silver NATE
Stunned ... just stunned FLOORED
Sun: Prefix HELIO
Target of a spray ODOR
Title movie role for Jim Carrey THEMASK
University in downtown Philadelphia DREXEL
Vicuña product WOOL
Weasley family owl in the Harry Potter books ERROL
Wedding agreement PRENUPTIAL
What keeps athletic tape from sticking to the skin PREWRAP
Which train goes to Harlem, in song THEA
Women's rights pioneer Lucretia MOTT
Word with grand or identity THEFT
___ Amendment, controversial 1976 Congressional measure HYDE
___ school MED