The Times - Cryptic - Times Cryptic No 27401

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Clues Answers
A Yankee probing fellow of a bygone civilisation MAYAN
Adolescent as a born troublemaker originally, growing up TEENAGE
Advice to man with cat in performance, leading to a benefit turn again
Aim of mountaineers? Not all of them came back ACME
Bigwig with silver set up in the country GABON
Courage of everyone imprisoned in tower GALLANTRY
Crowd chat conjured up in slogan CATCHWORD
Daggers the Spanish brought into form of evil magic? OBELI
Dirty job involving spades DUSTY
Dispute involving four dukes? FISTFIGHT
Emily? Endlessly unsteady, having got thus in pub DICKINSON
Franchise needing guidance when two characters have swapped positions DEALERSHIP
Gossip is associated with us after hard drink RUMOURS
Illustration rendered by ace printing unit PICA
Irritable computer whizz? TECHY
Learner in school dressed to attract? GLAM
Clues Answers
Line written by church composer is ghastly CHARNEL
Made the grade as a priest in ceremony? COPED
Maidens perhaps seen as headless sweethearts OVERS
Most stuffy little room in which son hides CLOSEST
Nothing in Italian city, little good for holiday activity? TOURING
Odd bits of grub given to prisoner in his camp? GULAG
Old statue, after renovation, survived OUTLASTED
One club maybe for a bachelor? SINGLETON
Ruddy huge birds FLAMINGOS
Ruth affected by pockmarks, we hear? PITY
Something freely given? That is taken by force PRESSIE
The French male wearing false hair and dress shows a bit of freedom wiggle room
Unconventional, like a newly escaped convict? off-the-wall
Very funny chair with style ill conceived HYSTERICAL
What comes at end of different flights LANDING
What has cups next to stinking bottle? BRAVERY