Universal - Jul 11 2019

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Clues Answers
"Chernobyl" network HBO
"Citizen Kane" studio RKO
"Get ready to rumble!" GAMEON
"How clumsy of me!" OOPS
"The same," in footnotes IBID
"___ la Douce" (1963 film) IRMA
"___ Me a River" CRY
(Hey!) PSST
*Cross between a crustacean and a bounding beast? SHRIMPALA
*Cross between a four-legged reptile and a legless reptile? IGUANACONDA
*Cross between a raptor and a Wonderland dozer? CONDORMOUSE
*Cross between a semiaquatic wader and a bivalve? HIPPOPOTAMUSSEL
*Cross between a striped cat and a rodent? TIGERBIL
*Cross between an ape and an Andean animal? GORILLAMA
Adam and Eve, vis-a-vis Eden EXILES
Advertising award CLIO
Anise-flavored liqueur OUZO
Braying beasts ASSES
Bus. structure option LLC
Busts, e.g ART
Busy CPA month APR
Caulk, for one SEALANT
Clear (of) RID
Clear-cutting remnant STUMP
Coach Parseghian ARA
Coin featuring Monticello NICKEL
Court org ABA
Dawn goddess EOS
Decorate DOUP
Dissertation writer's goal PHD
Evening party SOIREE
Figure providing access: Abbr IDNO
Fill with love ENAMOR
Fork component TINE
Greek marriage goddess HERA
Hip-hop's ___ Yang Twins YING
Clues Answers
Individually ONEBYONE
JFK stat ETD
Lake Geneva feeder RHONE
LeBron's NBA team LALAKERS
Like many garage sale items OLD
Like many garage sale items USED
Like potatoes or rice STARCHY
Like the mythical phoenix REBORN
Massage reactions AAHS
Matures, as wine AGES
Mazatlan money PESO
MI6 figure SPY
Modern credit card feature CHIP
Name used by a 26-Across, perhaps ALIAS
Neighbor of Turkey IRAN
Noodle bar noodle UDON
Ob-gyn's org AMA
Org. with U.N. observer status PLO
Original "Star Trek" studio DESILU
Quickly reheat NUKE
Reduce in status DEBASE
Shows great joy EXULTS
Sign at a corner, often STOP
Singer DiFranco ANI
Singer Ives BURL
Smallest Canadian prov PEI
Some car bodies SEDANS
Sparkly mineral MICA
Stimulants, informally UPPERS
Student paper ESSAY
Summer Olympics host before Tokyo RIO
The starred critters, e.g CHIMERAS
Three-note chord TRIAD
Took place at, as a class METIN
Two capsules, perhaps DOSE
Virgo preceder LEO
Z, to Persephone ZETA
___-de-France ILE