New York Times - Jul 7 2019

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Clues Answers
'Agreed' ICONCUR
'Fighting' college team IRISH
'Home' in a classic song THERANGE
'Indiana Jones' setting TOMB
'Phooey!' BAH
'While I have you ...,' in a text BTW
1974 Gould/Sutherland C.I.A. spoof SPYS
87 is a common one OCTANE
Adams and Elgort ANSELS
Any of the Apennines MONTE
Arrived at, as an answer LANDEDON
Baby fox KIT
Ball ___ PEEN
Banned aerosol propellant, for short CFC
Barbie's younger sister STACIE
Become attentive PERKUP
Biblical high priest ELI
Big org. in Saturday afternoon TV NCAA
Bit of judo attire OBI
Boutique stock DRESSES
Brown-headed nest appropriator COWBIRD
Called out CRIED
Calls it quits RETIRES
Came down hard POURED
Chatter YAK
City that hosted the 1974 World's Fair SPOKANE
Classic 1922 film subtitled 'A Symphony of Horror' NOSFERATU
Cleaning product in a dangerous 2010s viral internet challenge TIDEPOD
Computing acronym RAM
Conspicuous PROMINENT
Cowboy flick OATER
Cut into bits CHOPUP
Dating app distance metric RADIUS
Deteriorate with age SENESCE
Digital message ENOTE
Doctor's order MEDICINE
Doe in Bambi ENA
Dorothy's caretaker in 'The Wizard of Oz' AUNTIEEM
Dulce de ___ (confection) LECHE
Enter incorrectly MISTYPE
Equipment for 70-Down BOARD
Escapes, as molasses OOZESOUT
Eve's counterpart MORN
Figure in many a fairy tale PRINCE
Figures in the Sistine Chapel CHERUBS
First commercial film shown in stereophonic sound FANTASIA
Freak out PANIC
French acceptances OUIS
French director Besson LUC
Glacial hue ICEBLUE
Green: Prefix ECO
Half of a 1955 union merger AFL
Hangout often near a pool TIKIBAR
How early Beatles songs were recorded INMONO
Ike's W.W. II command ETO
Ill repute, to a Brit DISHONOUR
In ___ (grumpy) AMOOD
Indianapolis-to-St. Louis dir WSW
Irregularly notched, as a leaf EROSE
Irritable TESTY
Irritate VEX
Jack of children's rhyme SPRAT
Jawbone of ___ (biblical weapon) ANASS
Key of Bizet's first symphony CMAJOR
Kind of reaction GUT
Letters near an X-ray machine TSA
Like Mount Kilimanjaro DORMANT
Like some lenses BIFOCAL
Long (for) HANKER
Lushes WINOS
Clues Answers
Maker of pens and lighters BIC
Map of Hawaii or Alaska, often INSET
Mischievous ROGUISH
Mother ___ TERESA
Nabisco product with an exclamation point in its name CHIPSAHOY
No longer edible BAD
No longer needed for questioning FREETOGO
Notice SPOT
Old gold coin DUCAT
One of 24 in un giorno ORA
One side in 70-Down WHITE
One side in 70-Down BLACK
One-named singer with the 2002 #1 hit 'Foolish' ASHANTI
One-named singer with the 2014 hit 'Chandelier' SIA
Outpost for an osprey AERIE
Pain for a tiler, maybe SOREKNEES
Part of Africa or an orchestra HORN
Part of an M.A. program application GRE
People native to Tennessee and the Carolinas CHEROKEES
Pith holders RINDS
Polling fig PCT
Possible move in 70-Down KNIGHTTOBEIGHT
Possible result of 25-Across CHECKMATEINONE
Prefix with planet EXO
Prevents, legally ESTOPS
Protein found in hair and hooves KERATIN
Rare beneficiaries of royal succession NEPHEWS
Religious sch SEM
Santa ___ winds ANA
Score elements: Abbr PTS
Self-inflicted ritual death of a samurai SEPPUKU
Senator Tammy Duckworth or former senator Max Cleland AMPUTEE
Set aside for now TABLED
Sheer fabric GOSSAMER
Silicon Valley start-up V.I.P CTO
Singer's syllable TRA
Situation after a leadoff single ONEON
Slate, e.g EZINE
Some airborne particulates ASHES
Some cuppas TETLEYS
Some ovations BRAVOS
Son of Clytemnestra and Agamemnon ORESTES
Spends December through March (in) WINTERS
St. Louis's ___ Bridge, the oldest span over the Mississippi EADS
Subject game of this puzzle CHESS
Succeeds MAKESIT
Suffix on many an infomercial product's name MATIC
Swollen area ABSCESS
Symbol of directness LASER
Terrific SUPER
That guy's HIS
The 'u' spelling of 50-Across, e.g.: Abbr VAR
They'll sound sped up at 45 r.p.m LPS
Those: Sp ESOS
Title 1962 film villain DRNO
Together ASAUNIT
Touch up, as styled hair REGEL
Treasure ADORE
Unexceptional MEH
Urban cacophony HONKS
Valentine heart, e.g TOKEN
Verify the addition of RETOTAL
Veto on movie night SEENIT
War hawk JINGO
Watson's creator IBM
What a plant may exude RESIN
What dashes may represent in internet searches NOTS
When doubled, a Thor Heyerdahl book AKU
Wrong pipe, so to speak TRACHEA
Yearbook ANNUAL
Your signature might be in this INK
Yuletide contraction TIS
[Grumble, grumble] HUMPH
___ Luis Obispo SAN