New York Times - Jul 6 2019

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Clues Answers
#2 image among smartphone users? POOPEMOJI
'C'mon, man,' in a syllable TSK
'Count me in' IMDOWN
'Enough already!' DROPIT
'Je pense que ___' ('I think so': Fr.) OUI
'Ninotchka' actress, 1939 INACLAIRE
'No, thanks' IPASS
'Say no more - I'm on it' DONEANDDONE
'That's my cue!' IMON
'That, in spades!' ANDHOW
'___ Ever' (Elvis song from 'G.I. Blues') DIDJA
'___ Mañanitas' (traditional Mexican birthday song) LAS
1980s presidential candidate DUKAKIS
Activity that might elicit stares, for short PDA
Aid in breaking down doors FIREAXE
Big name in parfum ESTEE
Cellist with a Presidential Medal of Freedom PABLOCASALS
Close ... but not THAT close PLATONIC
Companies known for their net profit DOTCOMS
Construction piece that describes what happens when you compliment me? IBEAM
Contents of some sleeves LPS
Couleur du chocolat BRUN
Cracked AJAR
English breakfast, for example TEABLEND
Footwear with a tree logo TIMBERLANDS
French homophone of 30-Down PERE
Go down, so to speak OCCUR
GPS suggestion: Abbr RTE
Hazmat regulator OSHA
Kashyyyk denizen, in sci-fi WOOKIEE
Lead-in to cow, horse or dog SEA
Like some legal judgments DECLARATORY
Clues Answers
Like some vestments PRIESTLY
Many a Univision viewer, in modern usage LATINX
Mayoralty, e.g LOCALOFFICE
Not straight up ATILT
Olympic runner? SKI
One of the nine weapons in 2008's expanded version of Clue POISON
One who might be diagnosed with a polysomnogram NARCOLEPTIC
Original airer of 'Everybody Hates Chris' UPN
Pixy ___ STIX
Poet with the 1967 Pulitzer-winning volume 'Live or Die' SEXTON
Prefix with thermic EXO
Rapper's release TAPE
See 44-Across TEXAN
See 8-Down SAJAK
Singer seen annually on David Letterman's Christmas show DARLENELOVE
Singer/actress Janelle MONAE
So-so bond rating BBB
Stand-up comedian with the 2005 double-platinum album 'Retaliation' DANECOOK
Taqueria order, informally GUAC
Theater option IMAX
Tsp. or tbsp AMT
Unseeded? CORED
Up and a little to the left, for short NNW
USA competitor TBS
Walletful IDS
Wetlands feature MIRE
Who said 'The Lord will roar from Zion, and utter his voice from Jerusalem' AMOS
With 4-Down, someone who might repossess your car when you go bankrupt? PAT
Yamaha purchase MOTORBIKE
___ Park, Calif MENLO
___ Resorts International MGM
___ South, div. of the 55-Acrosses AFC