The Washington Post - Jul 4 2019

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Clues Answers
'A revolution is not a dinner party' statesman MAO
'Heidi' setting ALPS
'Just you watch me' ICANSO
'Let's do it!' YES
'Live at the Acropolis' keyboardist YANNI
Additions to the staff HIRES
Armadillo meal ANTS
Board game with rooms CLUE
Bread brushed with ghee NAAN
Brickyard 400 acronym NASCAR
Change for a 50 TENS
Church offering TITHE
College benefactor ALUM
Columnist's page OPED
Connecting waterway CANAL
Courtly dance MINUET
Dim __: traditional Chinese food SUM
Emergency run-through opening THISISJUSTATEST
Emily Dickinson's hometown AMHERST
Facial tissue? SKIN
Fake handle ALIAS
Feathery wrap BOA
Freud contemporary JUNG
Geometric reference line AXIS
Gross quality ICKINESS
Icy forecast SLEET
Idris of 'Luther' ELBA
If so THEN
Income-reducing inequity, or what can be found in the four other longest puzzle answers HIDDENTAX
Italian peak ETNA
Lexus rival ACURA
Little dickens IMP
Longtime nighttime host LENO
Many a Monopoly sq AVE
McNally's mapmaking partner RAND
Meets unexpectedly BUMPSINTO
Mexicali mansion HACIENDA
Clues Answers
Middle name adopted by John Lennon ONO
Mild oath EGADS
Minute matter ATOM
Notable period ERA
Of practical value UTILE
Opposite of engagement BOREDOM
Overnight flight REDEYE
Pack (down) TAMP
Pays for a hand ANTES
Peace Prize city OSLO
Petting zoo critter LLAMA
Place for a makeover SALON
Poetry Muse ERATO
Rock band need AMP
Said, 'The dog ate my homework,' probably LIED
Saudi Arabia's neighbor QATAR
Schusser's topper SKIHAT
Scraggly horse NAG
Settle for leftovers EATIN
Sign of holiness HALO
Sorts ILKS
Spot on a sweater? BEAD
Stand out SHINE
Steps up a ladder RUNGS
Takes it easy RESTS
Tennis' Andy Murray's title SIR
They're usually not hits BSIDES
Tresses HAIR
Utah's state tree QUAKINGASPEN
Vibrant ALIVE
Voices against ANTIS
Wayfarer's stop INN
When many workdays start ATNINE
When repeated, fish on a menu MAHI
Woo with a tune SINGTO
Works with one's private tutor, say TAKESALESSON
Zipped SPED
__ fever HAY