The Washington Post Sunday - Jun 30 2019

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Clues Answers
'... or ___!' ELS
'Big ___ House' (Martin Lawrence film) MOMMAS
'Hamlet' setting, say STAG
'I ain't gonna do it' NAH
'Ratatouille' rat EMIL
'Rumour Has It' singer DELE
'Scrubs' star Braff ACH
'Tell My Horse' author Zora ___ Hurston NEAL
'That's mind-boggling!' OOH
'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' author Carle RIC
'Us' director Jordan PEEL
'What a wild scene!' ... or what you might say after seeing what's surrounding this puzzle ITSAZOOOUTTHERE
'___ all ...' ABOVE
12:50, vis-a-vis 1:00 TENT
20 units of something ONESCORE
2001 Peace Nobelist along with the United Nations ANNAN
2011 film featuring a blue macaw called Blu RIO
9-12 worker, say PARTTIME
Addis ___, Ethiopia BABA
Alter, as a statute MEND
Analyzed, as text PARSE
Annoys greatly ANKLES
As of now YET
Battleship ship CARRIE
Be ready for PLANON
Billiards shot, and an anagram of 87 Down MASS
Black Panthers co-founder Bobby whose name is a homophone of one of this puzzle's featured creatures SEALE
Bochco legal drama LALA
Book before Joel HOSEA
Borders on ABUTS
Breakfast chain since 1958 HOP
Cecilia Bartoli number ARI
Certain dress size PETITE
Comic Martha who was made an honorary Green Beret AYE
Congregation location AVE
Court-ly love? NONE
Creditor's security LIEN
Dermal blemish WAR
Developer of the game 'Star Raiders' ATARI
Doce divided by cuatro TRES
Elite crew ATEAM
Entertaining Ives BURL
Et ___ ALI
Expand, as one's scope BROADEN
Extravagant party ALA
Fertility lab cells OVA
Firm refusal IWON
First non-B.C. year ONEA
First-century ruler NERO
Flavor intensifier MSG
Flexible trash fasteners TWISTTIE
Flood, as with work INUNDATE
Get ready to go home after a trip REPACK
Give off EMI
Goat's grounds MEADOW
Having glass sections PANED
Hint of color INGE
Hot things on some stoves LAMES
Inherent behaviors ... or what you'll need to complete this puzzle ANIMALINSTINCTS
Insignificant sort TWERP
Instrument with pedals HARP
Invoice component FEE
Items in fountains COINS
Japanese noodle dish AMEN
Jay once seen at night LEN
Josh who played Thanos in Avengers films BROLIN
Key feature? ANSWER
King with a palindromic name ELLE
Lacking ethical sense MORAL
Like colored-in boxes SHADE
Like stallions MAL
Lofty objective IDEAL
Lots and lots TON
Lots have lots of them SEDANS
Clues Answers
Mad mascot since 1954 NEUMAN
Made use of an Etch A Sketch, say REW
Makeup of an atoll ORAL
Mare, to a filly ARENT
Mine find ODE
Mine layers SEAMS
Misrepresent ELIE
More chilling EERIE
Musical Brian ENO
Nerve GAL
Noodles that you don't boil in water, e.g POOLTOYS
Obscene stuff SMU
Obstructed IMPEDE
Obtain, in the field REAP
Odysseys on the road, e.g HONDAS
Old Anatolian region IONIA
One spending shillings SOMALI
One tending to shepherds VET
One who may adhere to a kosher diet JEW
One who's on the fence STRADDLE
Paige who provided the voice of Belle in 'Beauty and the Beast' OHARA
Pal of Big Bird GROVER
Parts of a sky line? JETS
Parts of cows' udders EATS
Piece of rosemary SPRIG
Pigs' enclosures TIES
Political hostess Perle MESTA
Promise confidently ASSURE
Pub serving BEE
Resistance units HMS
Riot squad weapon TEARGAS
Rob of '90210' ESTES
Satisfied, as a quota MET
Sch. that announced it would offer a new Appalachian studies minor in 2019 WVU
Self-identifying phrase ITSME
Send in, as payment REMIT
Shows on TV IRS
Skilled vocalist SONGSTER
Skirmishes TUSSLE
Smeltery waste DROSS
Soda shop purchase ALT
Sources of skin pain ORES
State of inactivity IDLENESS
States of inactivity NAPS
Stick in a box CRAYON
Straight HETERO
Subjects of Shaka ZULUS
Swenson of 'Benson' ING
Taboo act NON
Takes more Money, say RENEWS
Talking lion portrayer LAHR
Theatrical script verb ENTER
Thelma and Louise, e.g NAMES
These two things BOT
Tide designation NEAP
To be, to les Bordelais TRE
Tread heavily TROMP
Tuckered out EAT
Turtle's or crab's shell CARAPACE
Tuscany tower town PIS
Unclear sched. letters TBA
Unlike cheetahs in the savanna, usually TAM
Vacancy sign TOLET
Vague ideas NOTIONS
Wasn't patronizing like other restaurant customers? ATEIN
Where a dog might exercise PAR
Word of grace LESS
Worker in the book 'The House of God' NURSE
Writer who takes firm positions in his books? GRISHAM
Zarqa River city AMMAN
Zoomed ORE
___ code REA
___ Paulo, Brazil SAO