Irish Times (Simplex) - Jun 26 2019

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Clues Answers
A lightening of pressure RELIEF
Able to live on both land and in water AMPHIBIAN
Animal excreta as fertiliser MANURE
Ardent love DEVOTION
Austere, harsh SEVERE
Bag for the back KNAPSACK
Becomes less tense and relaxes UNWINDS
Between head and body NECK
Canvas shoe with a rubber sole RUNNER
Challenges to do something dangerous DARES
Changed from solid to liquid MELTED
Clumsy, ungraceful AWKWARD
Conceited, puffed-up VAIN
Dish for food PLATE
Edward ..., American realist painter HOPPER
Favouring one side over another BIASED
Guarantee, promise ASSURE
Horse-grooming tool CURRYCOMB
Clues Answers
In which to boil water or cook fish KETTLE
Instrument to track distant objects RADAR
It extracts energy from moving air WINDMILL
Light meal SNACK
Natural elevation MOUNTAIN
Performance text SCRIPT
Preliminary drawing SKETCH
Punctuation marks COMMAS
Punishment imposed for sin PENANCE
RAF and CIA together on the continent AFRICA
Rotating spindle AXLE
Rotations of a motor, in short REVS
Rubber for removing marks ERASER
She shows people to seats USHERETTE
Takes to be the case ASSUMES
They steer ships in and out of harbours PILOTS
Twisted someone's arm, metaphorically PERSUADED