New York Times - Jun 6 2019

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Clues Answers
'There was a time ...' ONCE
'___-haw!' YEE
1952 and 1994 Olympics locale: Abbr NOR
Abstract Expressionist Krasner LEE
Agrees to 'make things interesting' BETS
Beginning ASOF
Big brand with an oval logo STP
Busy beaver DOER
Calaverite or sylvanite GOLDORE
City NE of Manchester LEEDS
Closing credits heading CAST
Coated, in a way ENAMELED
Coffee bar offering MOCHA
Cover over, as a wall REPAPER
Cry repeated at the start of the 1987 dance hit 'Hot Hot Hot' OLE
Demolition aid TNT
Direct-to-customer beef retailer OMAHASTEAKS
Discontinued OLD
Feature on a Spanish map RIO
Field a kickoff RECEIVE
Go one better than TOP
Goblet feature STEM
Going 'Wow, wow, wow!' AWED
Good soil LOAM
Hawaiian entree, for short MAHI
Helpful thing to have on hand? MITT
Hot and dry SAHARAN
In ___ (embryonic) OVO
Individually PER
Its beaches begin five answers in this puzzle DDAY
Jack up HIKE
Javelin, e.g EVENT
Keep time with the beat, maybe CLAP
Labrador retriever or Alaskan malamute, notably SHEDDER
Land, building or machine ASSET
Like much of Chile ARID
Lose one's cool RAGE
Clues Answers
Lose one's cool SNAP
Mailing category for reduced postage MEDIA
Memory unit BIT
Mints with Retsyn CERTS
More daft DOTTIER
Name on a 'Citizen Kane' poster ORSON
NASA spacecraft orbiting Jupiter JUNOPROBE
Navajo dwelling made of logs and mud HOGAN
Now and for always EVERMORE
Ones playing the numbers? DEEJAYS
Painter van Eyck JAN
Performer with a weapon Sworddancer
Perfumer's extract ESSENCE
Place to buy paint ARTSHOP
Rejections NOS
Remove, as a name tag PEELOFF
River to the Dead Sea JORDAN
Samuel Beckett's 'Endgame' has one ACT
Set of keys, maybe CHORD
Slack-jawed AGAPE
Some retina cells RODS
Something you might write an article on SPEC
Spirited horse ARAB
Still life subject EWER
Subject of the 1962 Nobel Prize in Medicine DNA
Text message status SENT
The Aggies of the N.C.A.A UTAHSTATE
Things to run or pass TESTS
Ticket datum ROW
Typesetters' measures PICAS
Underground networks METROS
Unrefined CRASS
Upscale hotel amenity SAUNA
Very little SCANT
Visitor to King Mongkut ANNA
Word with single or fair USE
___ ball NERF
___ Bell (Emily Brontë pen name) ELLIS
___ clam (mollusk found off the coast of California) PISMO