New York Times - May 23 2019

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Clues Answers
'My heavens!' DEARGOD
'Victory is ours!' WEWIN
*Aid in a speaker's presentation POWER
*Big moment in a tennis match SET
*Important spot on the body for acupuncture PRESSURE
*Kind of average GRADE
*Kind of pen BALL
*Locate precisely PIN
*Malcolm Gladwell best seller, with 'The' TIPPING
*One might say 'Home Sweet Home' NEEDLE
*Part of a scatter diagram DATA
*School overlooking the Hudson WEST
*Sycophant's reward BROWNIE
*The outcome of a story might hinge on one PLOT
*Touchdown follower EXTRA
*Viewing angle STAND
Aid for making a sand castle SPADE
Animal feared by Winston in '1984' RAT
Area of educ SCI
Attire not usually worn outdoors, informally PJS
Author Sarah ___ Jewett ORNE
Bet (on) LAYODDS
Brief, abrupt changes in direction JOGS
By birth NEE
Certain cricket match TEST
Certain curtains SWAGS
Certain intersection TEE
Comic actor Seth ROGEN
Conservatory piece ETUDE
Contribute ADD
Counters REBUTS
Development centers? UTERI
Drill command TENHUT
Fairly small hail size PEA
Fictional schnauzer ASTA
Flash of genius, say IDEA
Fort ___, Md MEADE
Game with a maximum score of 3,333,360 PACMAN
Get some air INHALE
Clues Answers
Goes on and on and on DRAGS
Good 'Wheel of Fortune' buy for CHEESE WHEEL ANE
Grp. that trademarked the phrase 'Helping Survivors Survive' MADD
Gulager of old TV and film CLU
Hearty laugh GUFFAW
Homer's home GREECE
Host Allen of TV's 'Chopped' TED
Hotheadedness IRE
It might be attached to a car LIEN
July 4, 1776, for one: Abbr THU
Mentally goes [grumble grumble grumble] STEWS
Nativity scene CRECHE
Notarized paper DEED
Nursing ___ BRA
Prominent 1990s Washington duo GORES
Provides (for) ALLOWS
See 42-Across BIT
See 59-Across POINTS
Something to run ERRAND
Subtract a year or two from one's age, say FIB
Survey fig PCT
Sweet Rosie of old song OGRADY
Tempest in a teapot ADO
Time to indulge CHEATDAY
Title usually abbreviated to its first, fifth and sixth letters SENORA
Unlikely homecoming court members NERDS
Useless OTIOSE
Vault LEAP
Vineyard vessel VAT
Visceral shock GUTPUNCH
White-petaled daisy OXEYE
Who said 'When I'm ready to fight, my opponent has a better chance for surviving a forest fire wearing gasoline drawers' MRT
With 23-Across, modicum WEE
With 61-Across, what President Wilson proposed for a lasting peace ... or what's missing from the answers to the starred clues FOURTEEN
World's most-visited museum LOUVRE
___ boots UGG
___ fly TSETSE