Irish Times (Simplex) - Apr 23 2019

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Clues Answers
Ability to judge quickly and well ACUMEN
Accepted from another RECEIVED
Actor's prompt CUE
At this hour, it's the last possible moment ELEVENTH
Bovine mammary glands UDDERS
Brim, edge RIM
Broad mouths of rivers ESTUARIES
Care for, medically TREAT
Cutting tool KNIFE
Defence of being elsewhere at the time of a crime ALIBI
Dirty mark STAIN
Flightless bird EMU
Impair and lower value DAMAGE
Insufficient to meet demand SCARCE
Jewelled head ornament TIARA
Makes sure a law is observed ENFORCES
Marked mail with its destination ADDRESSED
Nervous or excited uncertainty SUSPENSE
Clues Answers
Of sheep OVINE
Path of a river or a set of lessons COURSE
Pretend to be ill to avoid work MALINGER
Rates of movement SPEEDS
Rectangular block of cut stone ASHLAR
Referencing, referring to CITING
Round figure CIRCLE
Soil or planet EARTH
Sudden spontaneous occurrence OUTBREAK
Supply with weapons ARM
Surgical stitch SUTURE
To do with the primary social group FAMILIAL
Travel upwards ASCEND
Violent weather conditions STORMS
Viv Richards or Ian Botham, say CRICKETER
Way of thinking or behaving ATTITUDE
Wrote it down NOTED