New York Times - Apr 21 2019

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Clues Answers
'Black-ish' father DRE
'Boatercycle' JETSKI
'Do ___!' (emphatic agreement) IEVER
'Dragons' ___' (British equivalent to 'Shark Tank') DEN
'Good thinking!' SMART
'Is the risk worth it?' DOIDARE
'Leave no ___ unstoned' (jocular phrase) TERN
'Sounds good!' IDIG
'That reminds me ...' is one SEGUE
'There's the catch!' AHA
'Uh, that is to say ...' IMEAN
'Weekend Update' co-anchor beginning in 2014 CHE
'Yoo-hoo!' HEREIAM
'___ first you don't succeed ...' IFAT
'___ is me!' WOE
1958 #1 hit in a foreign language VOLARE
50 before TENPAST
A brigantine has two MASTS
Accompaniers of canes TOPHATS
Actor Bremner of 'Wonder Woman' EWEN
Agenda topper ITEMONE
Bad feeling ANGST
Baghdad's ___ City SADR
Bank job HEIST
Bee: Prefix API
Beetle Bailey's rank: Abbr PVT
Bendy blades EPEES
Big ___ (praise, slangily) UPS
Bill ___, 'Oliver Twist' thief SIKES
Blew out of proportion OVERSTATED
Blowout ROMP
Borscht base BEETS
Broad Australian accent, informally STRINE
Carnivora and Rodentia ORDERS
Catalina, e.g ISLE
Catches flies SHAGS
Chart MAP
Cheetah mascot of Cheetos CHESTER
Chicago paper, informally TRIB
Chicken ___ king ALA
Chinese greeting NIHAO
Command from a dentist SPIT
Concern for a samurai HONOR
Contents of the Rio Grande AGUA
Demand from a police interrogator NAMES
Do research (on) READUP
Draft picks ALES
Drink at Valhalla MEAD
Eat quickly BOLTDOWN
Enthusiastic Spanish cry ARRIBA
Fictional company behind earthquake pills and dehydrated boulders ACME
Flavorer of much black candy ANISE
Flies in the face of someone? PESTS
Flight part before a landing STEP
Forerunners of MP3s CDS
Forked over PAID
Former Wisconsin senator Feingold RUSS
Fundamentals ABCS
Good manners in kindergarten drawing? [1997, 2004] CRAYONTACT
Head to France? TETE
Hershey toffee bar SKOR
Home of Velázquez's 'Las Meninas' PRADO
Initiated global conflicts? [1977, 2012] STARTEDWARS
It cuts along the grain RIPSAW
Item that may accompany chopsticks and a ramen bowl SAKECUP
Its name means 'three strings,' but it can have up to 21 SITAR
Justice Kagan ELENA
Laddie's refusal NAE
Lao-___ TSE
Clues Answers
Lead-in to Pen EPI
Lead-in to stratus or cumulus ALTO
Let float, as a currency UNPEG
Line often in Latin MOTTO
Long building project, in a cliché ROME
Major leagues THEPROS
Med. plans HMOS
Meddles (with) TAMPERS
Moist towelette WETWIPE
Mona Lisa, for one SIGNORA
Montezuma's foe CORTES
Most bohemian ARTIEST
Muscle builder PROTEIN
Noir weapon GAT
Nurse's training, for short CPR
One situp, e.g REP
Ones picked out of lineups PERPS
Org. based in Langley, Va CIA
Outlets, of a sort SHOPS
Plucky sort? HARPIST
Popular brunch options MIMOSAS
Preceder of 'And that's final!' ISAIDNO
Prefix with puncture ACU
Prefix with terrorism ECO
Prepares for guests who don't like their coffee black? [2017, 1996] GETSCREAMOUT
Protest any involvement DENYIT
Recipe amts TSPS
Russia, once TSARDOM
Santa ___ winds ANA
School cafeteria food, pejoratively SLOP
Seat in the classic photograph 'Lunch Atop a Skyscraper' IBEAM
Selection of billfolds for medical professionals? [2016, 2008] DOCTORSWALLETRANGE
Shout at a pool MARCO
Singer Sumac YMA
Sister of Moses MIRIAM
Slobbery kiss WETONE
Smack SLAP
Small screen superimposed on a large screen ... or a hint to this puzzle's shaded squares PICTUREINPICTURE
Smaller piece of cookware? [1953, 2017] PETITERPAN
Something that might be packed with juice, informally PBANDJ
Sore MAD
Spanish greeting HOLA
Spill something BLAB
Stately residence MANOR
Still not caught ATLARGE
Suffix with legal ESE
Superior to a 6-Down NCO
Supermarket section DELI
Take a fall TRIP
Talk show host Johnny's children? [2015, 2006] MINICARSONS
That is IDEST
That of this clue is awkward Phrasing
The planets, before 2006 NONET
Ticker lines? AORTAS
Traitor who gets on one's nerves? [2006, 2002] BOTHERINGRAT
Unexplained ability ESP
Unsophisticated sorts RUBES
Urban layout CITYPLAN
Venomously biting ASPISH
Vietnamese New Year TET
Visits during a vacation STOPSAT
Wear down ABRADE
Where the action is FRONTLINES
Where to be among Hmong LAOS
Who has trouble reaching a windshield to place a ticket? [1989, 1982] THELITTLEMETERMAID
Who once boasted 'I'm so mean, I make medicine sick!' ALI
Young seal PUP
[Hah!] SNORT
___ jacket NEHRU
___ Xing PED