New York Times - Apr 16 2019

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Clues Answers
'Beau ___' GESTE
'Here's the ___ ...' DEAL
'I'm speechless!' GEE
'Is everything all right?' AREYOUOKAY
'Life of Pi' director Lee ANG
'Wrong you are!' NOSIREE
'___ Hope' (classic soap opera) RYANS
130 and 140 are high ones IQS
Aaron ___, Yankees manager beginning in 2018 BOONE
Act like EMULATE
Actor Louis ___ Jr GOSSETT
Airer of N.C.A.A. March Madness games TBS
Ancestral ruler DYNAST
Annual horse race DERBY
Article of living room furniture SETTEE
Basic idea GIST
Big name in petrol ESSO
Big tubs VATS
By way of VIA
Castaway's locale ISLE
Cells separated by synaptic gaps NEURONS
Choctaw and Chickasaw TRIBES
Cinch ___ (commercial trash bag name) SAK
Dahs' counterparts in Morse code DITS
Deceive DUPE
Dental problem TOOTHDECAY
Denver-to-Albuquerque dir SSW
Device that might have a trackball MOUSE
Does a bit of lawn work RAKES
Dwindles, with 'out' PETERS
Elevated platforms for speakers ROSTRA
Features of May-December marriages AGEGAPS
Flower cluster whose name can also be read as a challenge RACEME
Get exactly NAIL
Hired toughs GOONS
Idiosyncratic habit TIC
Clues Answers
In all honesty TRULY
Indulges too much, briefly ODS
Inheritance, e.g BEQUEST
Kama ___ SUTRA
Kvetchers' cries OYS
L.A.-to-Denver dir ENE
Make tweaks to REVISE
Miner's haul ORE
Mob-busting law, for short RICO
Newsman Koppel TED
Non-prophet foundation? ATHEISM
Noted 1950s-'70s D.J. dubbed a 'fifth Beatle' MURRAYTHEK
One hanging around a house? ICICLE
One or two chips, maybe ANTE
Plant in an English hedge YEW
Politician with a six-year term: Abbr SEN
Press '+' on a calculator ADD
Promise-to-pay note IOU
Railroad bridge support TRESTLE
Relative of a chickadee TIT
Remini who co-starred on 'The King of Queens' LEAH
Resistance unit OHM
Romanov leader TSAR
Scampered RAN
Seeks legal recourse SUES
Shrub that might cause a rash SUMAC
Sign for the superstitious OMEN
Single-minded religious group CULT
Soldiers' support grp USO
Some 'college' participants ELECTORS
Starchy pudding TAPIOCA
Start of 'The Star-Spangled Banner' OSAY
Still to come NOTYET
Suffix with north or south ERN
Tax table figure INCOME
Unaccounted-for soldier, for short MIA