Family Time - Apr 15 2019

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Clues Answers
"Bobby Hockey" ORR
"Do ___ others as you would ..." UNTO
"The Raven" poet POE
"Turn right" to a donkey GEE
"Well, ___ be!" ILL
1,440 minutes DAY
A different you (2 words) ALTEREGO
A little of this, a little of that OLIO
A quarter of four ONE
Address bar entry URL
Affliction of the eyelid STYE
Astonish AMAZE
Became bubbly FOAMED
Bellyacher or constant whiner CRYBABY
Black-___ Susan EYED
Circus area RING
Condensed lifetime account BIO
Cookie many enjoy OREO
Decays ROTS
Egyptian life symbol ANKH
Elated folks on election night INS
Ewelike OVINE
Fabric named for an Indian city MADRAS
Farmer breaking ground HOER
First man ADAM
First-rate AONE
Foldable bed COT
Give off, as fumes EMIT
Higher ground UPLAND
Holiday preceder EVE
It may need stitches GASH
Clues Answers
Jab in the ribs POKE
Knight's subordinate ESQUIRE
Large-headed bird with a short tail and long, sharp bill KINGFISHER
Last letter ZEE
Lint stuff FUZZ
Little watch pocket FOB
Mysterious mythical creature BIGFOOT
Need consoling GRIEVE
On Soc. Sec RETD
One country of the Tigris River IRAQ
One way to enter a pool DIVE
One with powers of foresight SEER
Over there, old-style YON
Poet's eye ORB
Related AKIN
Seven on a sundial VII
Seventh letter of the Greek alphabet ETA
Sofa bed FUTON
Spaced out ZONKED
State absolutely AVER
State of deep unconsciousness COMA
Steady look GAZE
Triangular shoe insert GUSSET
Unruly bunch HORDE
Villain of "The Lion King" SCAR
What stamps are POSTAGE
Work at, as a trade PLY
Yak butter GHEE
___ terrier (Scottish dog) SKYE