The Washington Post - Apr 10 2019

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Clues Answers
'Barney Miller' star Hal LINDEN
'Happy Days' actress ERINMORAN
'__ to My Right Knee': Rita Dove poem ODE
All-Star pitcher ACE
Beach house? SANDCASTLE
Beachfront property, often PRIMEREALESTATE
Biathlon weapons RIFLES
Bible book between Daniel and Joel HOSEA
Biblical pronoun THY
Break open BURST
Breed of Tonto's Scout PAINTHORSE
Bullfight cheer OLE
Catches red-handed NABS
Center starter EPI
Chinese gambling mecca MACAO
Cincinnati player BENGAL
Constitution section that creates the executive branch ARTICLEII
Controversial excavation method STRIPMINING
Covent Garden offerings OPERAS
Criticize harshly RIP
Cultural, as cuisine ETHNIC
Cybermoney ECASH
Discourage DETER
Downcast SAD
Drop the ball ERR
Easter liturgy MASS
Floored it SPED
Forebodings OMENS
Form 1040 agcy IRS
Fragrant compound ESTER
Go through SPEND
GoPro product, briefly CAM
Handyman's work suggested by the starts of 18-, 20-, 38- and 57-Across RESTORATION
Inhabitant of ancient Palestine CANAANITE
Item in a kit TOOL
K thru 6 ELEM
Kin of jujitsu AIKIDO
Linear ONED
Clues Answers
Little biter GNAT
Many a homecoming attendee ALUM
Medieval stringed instruments REBECS
Merit badge org BSA
Nursery cry MAMA
Occupy, as a desk SITAT
On __ with APAR
On-the-sly alcohol containers HIPFLASKS
Once known as NEE
One-piece dresses SARIS
Org. for netmen ATP
Permanent sites? SALONS
Planted a red herring, say MISLED
Poetic time EEN
Poolroom powder TALC
Pull an all-nighter CRAM
Punk rock subgenre EMO
Reason-based faith DEISM
Santa __ racetrack ANITA
Scandinavian coin KRONE
Scottish family CLAN
Sheep's cry BAA
Shortest surname in Cooperstown OTT
Skelton's Kadiddlehopper CLEM
Sounds of contentment AAHS
Soup legume LENTIL
Sprint Cup org NASCAR
Tiber River capital ROME
Tut-tutted TSKED
Upper body TORSO
Utah ski resort ALTA
Word for word? SMITH
Work at, as a trade PLY
Yours, to Yves ATOI
__ Bund: Swiss newspaper DER
__ Fables AESOPS