The Washington Post - Mar 13 2019

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Clues Answers
'American Horror Story' actress Paulson SARAH
'How was __ know?' ITO
'The Dark Knight Trilogy' director Christopher NOLAN
'The Far Side' cartoonist Gary LARSON
'There's more' letters ETC
'What the?!' HUH
18-, 34- __ 50-Down AND
After 18-Down, actor/golfer combo ARNOLDPALMER
After 34-Down, crime writer/poet combo FRANCISSCOTTKEY
After 50-Down, president/novelist combo TRUMANCAPOTE
Attend to a leaking boat BAIL
Bridge position NOSE
Bridge positions WESTS
Bronchial disorder ASTHMA
Canadian brewery LABATT
Cap'n's aide BOSN
Cascades peak SHASTA
Character builder? AUTHOR
Charity event GALA
Charlottesville sch UVA
Classic British sports cars MGS
Confessional music genre EMO
Contents of a teacher's key ANSWERS
Depended (on) RELIED
Desert wanderer NOMAD
Edible root BEET
Family nickname MOMMIE
Flier on a string KITE
Generic guy TOM
Generic guy HARRY
Generic guy DICK
Germane APT
Host of a Friars Club event ROASTMASTER
How some data is stored ONCD
Innocent NAIVE
Invite feedback? RSVP
It's not for everyone SECRET
Jab to keep them dogies rollin' PROD
Clues Answers
Like a cool cat HEP
Like many bad jokes STALE
Little pig SHOAT
Maneuver through moguls SKI
Maze scurrier RAT
Mideast mogul EMIR
Minded the kids SAT
Nissan sedan ALTIMA
Not yet proven THEORETICAL
One of a comic trio MOE
Oppressive ruler DESPOT
Pay for one's crime DOTIME
Pigged out, say ATE
Prefix with car ECO
Reward for waiting TIP
Sacred symbols on pyramid walls ASPS
Sisters, say KIN
Slacks measure INSEAM
Sound made using two fingers SNAP
Spam holder TIN
State with conviction AVER
Steak metaphor seen on menus TURF
Strong desires YENS
Suisse peak ALPE
Sunlit lobbies ATRIA
Tended to topiary PRUNED
TV buying channel HSN
Vein contents ORE
Vena __: major blood line CAVA
Votes for YEAS
Worthy of a standing O SOCKO
Wrestling duo TAGTEAM
Yankee manager before Girardi TORRE
__ Domini ANNO
__ drop MIC
__ rock: Queen genre ARENA