The New Yorker - Mar 11 2019

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Clues Answers
"Be Here Now" practice MINDFULNESS
"Don't sweat it" NOBIGDEAL
"Marat/___" (1963 Peter Weiss play) SADE
"Me, me, me" types EGOISTS
"Of how I thought and dreamed and ran / After him thus, day after day: / He lived as one under ___": Edward Thomas ABAN
"The Wizard of Oz" composer ARLEN
"When Harry Met Sally" filmmaker Ephron NORA
"___ My Man" (1975 Supremes single) HES
Amnesty Intl., e.g NGO
Animal named for the color of its fur and for its natural habitat SANDCAT
Beverage in a pear-shaped bottle ORANGINA
Biblical twin JACOB
Bit of late-capitalist jargon that you might find in Forbes FINTECH
Blue Devils' org NCAA
Breakfast dish? EGGCUP
Burlesque-show staple TASSELS
Carnival follower LENT
Certain appetizer SOUP
Commercial prefix since the nineteen-fifties STYRO
Common practice for marketers and geneticists TARGETING
Coterie CIRCLE
Cray- or pay- suffix OLA
Duel directive ENGARDE
Fall into place JELL
Fetched GOT
Footwear enthusiast SNEAKERHEAD
Games' partner FUN
It starts at 2 A.M., Mar. 10, 2019, in Chicago CDT
It's in the pits TAR
Jon of "Pod Save America" LOVETT
Kind of genius COMEDIC
Le Creuset item IRONPOT
Clues Answers
Lear's youngest CORDELIA
Like "Peter Pan" and "Peter Rabbit" EDWARDIAN
Like day-old oatmeal CONGEALED
Like some leg fractures TIBIAL
Mai ___ TAI
Mimic APER
Morse unit DAH
Neologism popularized by Kris Jenner MOMAGER
New Haven's state: Abbr CONN
Nick, e.g MAR
Old bronze coin SOU
P.G.A. nickname ARNIE
Painter Mondrian PIET
Part of an emergency kit, maybe EPIPEN
Patterned upholstery fabric TOILE
Price per unit? CONDOFEE
Red Rock State Park location SEDONA
Red Scare dog whistle UNAMERICAN
Relative of 16-Across OLLA
Retro waitstaff CARHOPS
Second-guesser's words ORNOT
Sister of Rumi and Sir BLUEIVY
Some in Spain UNOS
Sounds of ambivalence ERS
Storage room LARDER
They're grumpy in a classic 1993 movie OLDMEN
Total effort ONESALL
Trendy no-carb diet KETO
Uber interface MAP
Wailing woman, in folklore BANSHEE
Where you might meet your match TINDERDATE
Wing: Abbr ADDN
Withdrawal fig AMT