Eugene Sheffer - King Feature Syndicate - Mar 25 2019

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Clues Answers
'Damn Yankees' vamp LOLA
'Shoo!' SCAT
Actress Judd ASHLEY
Author Umberto ECO
Bankroll WAD
Barks ARFS
Battery fluid ACID
Billboards ADS
Blackbird ANI
Burst POP
Celestial bear URSA
Chooses the wrong actor MISCASTS
Chowder morsel CLAM
Colorful arcs RAINBOWS
Dos Passos trilogy USA
Dutch bloom TULIP
Equal (Pref.) ISO
Euclidean subj GEOM
Explorer Hernando DESOTO
Fem. counterpart MASC
Fizzy drinks COLAS
Flashing disco light STROBE
Fluffy neckpiece BOA
Ganges wrap SARI
Gratis FREE
Hawkeyes' home IOWA
Hindu retreat ASHRAM
Hosp. section ICU
Humorist Sahl MORT
John of 'Full House' STAMOS
Clues Answers
LAPD alerts APBS
Large gong TAMTAM
Legal wrong TORT
Lose energy TIRE
Massachusetts cape COD
McGregor of film EWAN
Mr. Stravinsky IGOR
Naughtiness MISCHIEF
NYC gallery MOMA
Orange veggies YAMS
Out — limb ONA
Overconfident SMUG
Pear choice BOSC
Prattle GAB
Refuses, as an offer PASSESUP
Sandwich meat HAM
Sea of the North Atlantic SARGASSO
Shopper's aid CART
Silent MUM
Sushi bar bowlful MISOSOUP
Trumpet's cousin CORNET
Unpaid TV spots (Abbr.) PSAS
Warner — BROS
Wee dollop DAB
Where the school day starts HOMEROOM
Winnow SIFT
Without SANS
Wrestling surface MAT