The Telegraph - CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 2,990 - Feb 10 2019

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Clues Answers
Attend to a bandage for the ear? ADDRESS
Bay maybe is said to be rough HOARSE
Begin shooting film's introduction in remake of pioneer OPENFIRE
Bones harder, by the sound of it? STERNA
Crowd screening film in beastly joint FETLOCK
Dish of rubbery meat? BEEFWELLINGTON
European entry, it rambles for ages and ages ETERNITY
Figure left to stuff hollow turkey TWENTY
Grind, emptying out green powder GNASH
How men may move for general ACROSSTHEBOARD
I agree 100%, a less than fair split? NOTHALF
I step back alongside cold mountain peak, perhaps? ICECAP
Imperialist of the past preserved? INCAN
Liaison's ending in emotional kind of poem MONODY
Clues Answers
Mighty figure blocking sink POTENT
Moon in Borneo, hazy OBERON
Mother and child -- might one be in a jam? DAMSON
Mouselike hair in Shakespearean character SHYLOCK
Posh and wise management USAGE
Recall everyone, say, in plant NIGELLA
Recovering maybe initially, likely to fall off boxes? ONTHEMEND
Reminiscent of housing cost, social security collected REDOLENT
Reptilian accountant? ADDER
Rest lung, possibly? BREATHER
Run into swarm on the rise MEET
Scandinavian stuff in Norwegian banks FINN
Spirit good, securing complete channel system GUTTERING
Star lacking power? NOTABLE