USA Today - Apr 7 2019

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Clues Answers
'Give it a shot!' TRY
'Results may ___' VARY
'Way cool!' NEATO
65-Across official TIMER
Alternative to Midway OHARE
At no time, in verse NEER
Ballroom move STEP
Banish to Siberia EXILE
Barely manage, with 'out' EKE
Batter's asset EYE
Began a hand DEALT
Belgrade resident SERB
Boomer's kid, perhaps XER
Boston Marathon month APRIL
Calligraphy pen point NIB
Carbon dating estimate AGE
Cause for a frantic house search, perhaps MISPLACEDKEYS
Chance that got away LOSTOPPORTUNITY
Cochlea's place EAR
Ebbing and flowing TIDAL
Feudal flunky SERF
Ford logo shape OVAL
Ford's bestowal on Nixon PARDON
Fort where the Civil War began SUMTER
Fraught with peril RISKY
Full range GAMUT
Furtive 'Hey you!' AHEM
Get deservedly EARN
Good with one's hands DEFT
Have faith in, with 'on' RELY
Have no doubt BESURE
Hawaiian food fish, for short MAHI
Heeded the alarm AWOKE
Hors d'oeuvre spread PATE
Hosted, as a roast EMCEED
Hush-hush hookup TRYST
Idle of Monty Python ERIC
In a perfect world ATBEST
Clues Answers
Job interview topic SALARY
Kent State's state OHIO
Lavish affairs FETES
Like a dirty chimney SOOTY
Like Limburger cheese SMELLY
Like Mr. Hyde EVIL
Lobstermen's traps POTS
Mobiles and murals ART
Moon jumper of rhyme COW
New England catch SCROD
Paint the town red REVEL
Peseta's replacement EURO
Picked up on GOT
Played the first card LED
Pleasant French resort? NICE
Polish, as a draft EDIT
Psyche parts EGOS
Public relations concern IMAGE
Shia leader IMAM
Show off one's biceps FLEX
Sleep under the stars CAMP
Sorvino of 'Mighty Aphrodite' MIRA
Star-shaped flower ASTER
Stare slack-jawed GAPE
Subject of a police search MISSINGPERSON
Superman foe Luthor LEX
Temp's employer AGENCY
The briny SEA
The whole shebang ALL
Those in purgatory SOULS
Tiny Oreo MINI
Tony or Edgar AWARD
Took one's turn WENT
Tour de France, e.g RACE
Trade barbs SPAR
Typical DeMille movie EPIC
Word before printer or pointer LASER
___ dish (lab container) PETRI