Universal - Jul 3 2009

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Clues Answers
"A stitch in time saves ___" NINE
"Candid Camera" set-up PRANK
"Enough already!" STOP
"Rule, Britannia" composer Thomas ARNE
"Take ___ at this!" ALOOK
1970s Chevy subcompact VEGA
Advertising sign element, perhaps NEON
African flower? NILE
An L.B.J. daughter LUCI
Animal that may be XING DEER
Animal trap SNARE
Authors Follett and Kesey KENS
Baseballer Felipe or Matty ALOU
Be among the real EXIST
Bean cookers POTS
Bottled spirits? JINNS
Cartoonist Peter ARNO
Cat that earns its keep MOUSER
Cause of a bad gut reaction? ECOLI
Chew, like a dog on a bone GNAW
Chicken chow ___ MEIN
Choice word? EENIE
Chung's hubby POVICH
Co-___ (some apartments) OPS
Comforting phrase, when repeated THERE
Contour feather PENNA
Crested bird JAY
Depression on a surface DENT
Detroit suburb FERNDALE
Didn't command ASKED
Doubled, a Pacific island BORA
Ending for Taiwan ESE
Exclude OMIT
Fair partner JUST
Five-time U.S. Open champ Steffi GRAF
Former European gold coins DUCATS
Fourth piggie's share NONE
Clues Answers
Funny Rivers JOAN
Go off the deep end SNAP
Guy's companion GAL
Hammered instruments GONGS
Homeric expression DOH
Infatuated with (with "over") GAGA
It makes Captain Marvel marvelous SHOUTINGSHAZAM
It makes Superman super YELLOWSUNLIGHT
Latin lover's word? AMOR
Like good friends TIGHT
Like many Disney movies PGRATED
Like the Aesir NORSE
Maui veranda LANAI
Metal-in-the-rough ORE
More informal, as in conversation BREEZIER
No more than ATMOST
One of two at a football game GOALPOST
One way to get to the top SKILIFT
Popeye's enabler CANOFSPINACH
Portrait schedule fillers SITTINGS
Rail-splitting tools AXES
Raj's sister on "What's Happening!!" DEE
Romain de Tirtoff ERTE
Sick partner TIRED
Skin cream brand OLAY
Spot on a card PIP
Talkative bovines? YAKS
The last watch you'll ever need? OMEGA
They make the X-Men extraordinary MUTATEDGENES
Three-card scam MONTE
Transfer the title of CEDE
Unmanned plane DRONE
Wheel accessories RIMS
With no ice NEAT
Woman's boot style GOGO
Words of defeat ICANT