The Washington Post - Jan 11 2019

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Clues Answers
'Bam!' chef EMERIL
'Is it ever hot today!' PHEW
'Just kidding!' NOT
'Road to __': Hope/Crosby film RIO
'The Phantom of the Opera' setting PARIS
'When!' NOMORE
'__ run!' GOTTA
1-Acr. marking HWY
2002 W.S. champs, nowadays LAA
3-Down pugilist ALI
Agitation metaphor LATHER
Ancient Egyptian deity AMENRA
Ancient eponymous advisor NESTOR
Architect Maya __ LIN
Arid Asian region GOBI
Ascended GONEUP
Author Jong ERICA
Barrel contents OIL
Book after John ACTS
Censor's target OATH
Cited on the road TICKETED
Commonly hexagonal hardware NUT
Concept for creating difficult crossword puzzles? TRICKYDOWNTHEORY
Corporate source of the Elmer's Glue logo BORDEN
Count (on) RELY
Ernie with irons ELS
Food industry headgear TOQUES
Foyer convenience COATTREE
Gaucho's tool REATA
Gift to an audience ENCORE
Gillette brand ATRA
Harbor sight DOCK
Holders of poor-taste gifts? TACKYBOXES
How one might wax, but not wane POETIC
Hudson and James BAYS
Hydrocarbon gas ETHANE
Indigent ones hiding among bales? NEEDYINAHAYSTACK
Clues Answers
Japanese volcano ASO
Jewelry giant KAY
Lavender asset AROMA
Lavs WCS
Like Dorothy Parker's humor WRY
Like much ordinary history UNTOLD
London's Old Vic, for one THEATRE
Long walk HIKE
Minute Maid Park player, to fans STRO
Not superficial DEEP
Old gas station freebie MAP
One holding all the cards? WALLET
Pair in a field OXEN
Passionate AVID
PHL stat ETA
Pollen site STAMEN
Pop radio fodder HITS
Prepares for, as a profession TRAINSIN
Presidential nickname ABE
Purse relative TOTE
Random individual ANYONE
Required from ASKEDOF
Result of smashing a piñata during a hurricane? CANDYINTHEWIND
Script for an absurdist play? BATTYLINES
Stark in 'Game of Thrones' NED
Stately dance MINUET
Take to the skies AVIATE
Texter's cautioning letters IMO
The Gershwins' 'Embraceable __' YOU
Traveler's aid, briefly GPS
Type of pitcher RELIEF
Wee, jocularly EENSY
Winter birth, perhaps AQUARIAN
Wrath, in a hymn IRAE
__ cuisine HAUTE