- Jan 11 2019

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Clues Answers
''I get it at last'' OHH
''Sneaky'' guy PETE
''Solo'' director's first name RON
''The View'' cohost JOYBEHAR
3 Down supporter ARCH
Affirmations YESES
Alias introducer AKA
Attacks with snowballs, say PELTS
Batted only DHED
Be a bad influence on LEADASTRAY
Bemoans RUES
Boost, with ''up'' AMP
Bowl objectives TDS
Brown of novels DAN
California's motto EUREKA
Capital of Bangladesh DHAKA
Carnegie, by birth SCOT
Charitable allotment DOLE
Class clown JOKER
College track (rather than a major) PRELAW
Colombian currency PESO
Confidante PAL
Consumes HAS
Continuing, on road signs THRU
Created, as contracts DREWUP
Divert AMUSE
Emulate Revere RIDE
Extended stories SAGAS
Eye rudely OGLE
Family nickname SIS
Father-and-son acting surname ALDA
Faulkner's ''father of American literature'' TWAIN
Finished, as 30 Down CAMEIN
First Chief Justice JAY
Flimflam ROOK
For one EACH
Clues Answers
Geographically outlying SUBURBAN
Guru's student YOGI
Highest birth-rate state UTAH
Hold it WAIT
Hold it HALT
Island made of lava OAHU
It may be running or bowling SHOE
Jamaica's __ Fleming Airport IAN
Japanese leader ABE
Job in conservation GAMEWARDEN
Launch-vehicle capacity PAYLOAD
Make haste slowly, maybe TROT
Member of the violet family PANSY
Motown music RANDB
No longer out AWAKE
Not as assertive SHYER
Of speech ORAL
Oil source of biodiesel CANOLA
Parts of clown costumes NOSES
Plottage measure ACRE
Practically nonexistent RARE
Pungent condiment WASABI
Retail chain founder PENNEY
Road inconveniences BUMPS
Runner thing SLED
Running things RACES
Savory taste UMAMI
Scramble cousin OMELET
Significant span ERA
Small sale of securities ODDLOT
Spearheaded LED
Step on the salary ladder TIER
Surpasses in smarts OUTWITS
Trading venue POST
Where a shank ends ANKLE
Yeshiva study TORAH