Wall Street Journal - Jan 9 2019 - Bugs in the System

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Clues Answers
'Divine Comedy' setting HELL
'Fall back' gain HOUR
'I didn't like it anyway' NOLOSS
'Pay ___ mind!' ITNO
Addition to a bank acct DEP
Anagrammatic intruders in this puzzle's longest Across answers PESTS
Blender option PUREE
Bread chain PANERA
Break up ENDIT
Buddy PAL
Bug convention? WASPMEET
Bug empire's ruling family? GNATDYNASTY
Bug in a plutocrat's stash? GOLDFLEA
Bug in aerosol form? SPRAYONANT
Bug that's twice as irritating? DOUBLEMITE
Carry-on checkers' org TSA
Cherished DEAR
Clumsy landings THUDS
Coloring TONE
Do halfheartedly PLAYAT
Doesn't do anything IDLES
Elocutionary peculiarities LISPS
Finish of an elementary school song XYZ
Fix a mule, say RESOLE
Follow ENSUE
German city STADT
Getaway destination INN
Getaway destination SPA
God with pipes PAN
Guinness Book suffix EST
Hayao Miyazaki specialty ANIME
Heaven-supporting Titan ATLAS
Home to more than half of humanity ASIA
Indefinable quality AURA
Indulge in a tirade RANT
Intl. travel jet now being redeveloped SST
Is aggrieved at RESENTS
Clues Answers
January 13, e.g IDES
Letter-shaped dresses ALINES
Lexicography label SLANG
Made over REDONE
Major bore SNOOZE
Make out DETECT
Mooring spot WHARF
Mustache maintenance tool TRIMMER
Norrbotten natives SWEDES
Offered a point of view OPINED
Old olive oil container AMPHORA
Outback foragers EMUS
Port of Pennsylvania ERIE
Portents OMENS
Posthumous bio OBIT
Pounce on ASSAIL
Practical SANE
Present period YULETIDE
Quaint assent YESM
Quizzical interjections EHS
Realtor's goal SALE
Rolled sandwich WRAP
School near the Charles R MIT
Slowpoke DAWDLER
Speaks from memory RECITES
Swift specialty IRONY
Taoism's founder LAOTSE
Thomas Hardy heroine TESS
Unpretentious ARTLESS
Unseen 'Peanuts' characters ADULTS
Unweaned infant NURSLING
Unwilling emigrants EXILES
Up to, briefly TIL
Used to be WERE
What I might stand for ONE
What you might sing if you don't know the words LALA
Where some princes prep ETON