USA Today - Feb 19 2019

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Clues Answers
'Gimme a break!' SHEESH
'Heaved' sound SIGH
'Helpful' hardware chain ACE
'Let It Go' singer Menzel IDINA
'Now it's clear' ISEE
'Roseanne' surname CONNER
'This must weigh ___!' ATON
'With luck . . .' IHOPE
'Wowzers!' OOH
'___ Doubtfire' MRS
Apple software platform IOS
Bark beetle's victim ELMTREE
Birdcage sound TWEET
Braying beast ASS
Class for English majors, for short LITCRIT
Clog or pump SHOE
Color chart selection HUE
Conan of TV talk OBRIEN
Concession stand drinks SODAS
Cornfield calls CAWS
Courtroom events TRIALS
Cruise ship personnel CREW
Dance and drama, for two ARTS
Danson of 'The Good Place' TED
Fixed in place FIRM
Floor-cleaner's tool SCRUBBRUSH
Froot Loops toucan SAM
Gambling mecca near Tahoe RENO
Gateway Arch state MISSOURI
Give it a shot TRY
Grandstand section TIER
Granola morsels OATS
Guitarists' phrases RIFFS
Gymnastics need MAT
H.G. Wells title doctor MOREAU
Henhouse perches ROOSTS
Heron's home NEST
Hopi maize BLUECORN
Injection in some spy movies TRUTHSERUM
Clues Answers
Key lime pie bases CRUMBCRUSTS
Kickoff prop TEE
Kumquat, e.g CITRUSFRUIT
Lawyers' org ABA
Like a fox, it's said SLY
Mary's follower of rhyme PETLAMB
Meeting handout AGENDA
Naive ones BABES
Not too much ABIT
Notable flag-raising site, briefly IWO
Part of a bedroom set BUREAU
Place to overnight INN
Planet visited by InSight MARS
Play segments ACTS
Porgy's partner BESS
Private email attachment, briefly BCC
Rare stats for NFL linemen TDS
Rough-bound drive, often SLICE
Sachertorte fruit APRICOT
Sci-fi visitors ETS
Seniors' lobbying org AARP
Sent packing FIRED
Side of a mountain receiving little rainfall DRYAREA
Sign before Virgo LEO
Sleep-aid brand UNISOM
Source of luxurious fur SABLE
Strong craving YEN
Suited for the task APT
Sushi topping ROE
Tackle box items LURES
Take a breather REST
Tart vegetable in pies RHUBARB
The things at hand THESE
Tuck of Sherwood Forest, e.g FRIAR
Unicorn feature HORN
Uses a swizzle stick STIRS
Waters parted in Exodus REDSEA
___ down (criticizes) PUTS
___ lily (Easter flower) CALLA