USA Today - Dec 16 2018

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Clues Answers
'Are you hurt?' response IMOK
'Bang Bang' rapper Nicki MINAJ
'Caught ya!' AHA
'Cheap Thrills' singer SIA
'Do it or ___!' ELSE
'Humble' rapper Kendrick LAMAR
'My schedule's open' IMFREE
'No ___, no foul' HARM
'Spy vs. Spy' magazine MAD
'Who'da thunk it?' GEE
'___ Song' (Taylor Swift tune) OUR
2008 presidential also-ran JOHNMCCAIN
A handshake may seal one DEAL
App that's a scourge to cabbies UBER
Baseball's dead-ball ___ ERA
BMW competitor AUDI
Boot a grounder, say ERR
Brand name reintroduced by BP AMOCO
Brief moment, briefly SEC
Calls from a stockyard MOOS
Catherine of 'Home Alone' OHARA
Clad like many superheroes CAPED
Collection of scenes ACT
Early lessons ABCS
Electric cell inventor Alessandro VOLTA
Feature of a dress shirt LONGSLEEVE
Fit for the job ABLE
Flightless Aussie bird EMU
Frasier Crane's sitcom brother NILES
Go to seed ROT
Heavy metal band named for a bacterium ANTHRAX
Hide-hair connector NOR
Humble response to 'Nice job!' ITRY
Irish Rose's lover ABIE
Irving Berlin musical about a socialite ambassador CALLMEMADAM
Keystone lawmen KOPS
Kunis of 'Bad Moms' MILA
Like a superhero's archenemy EVIL
Lions or Tigers or Bears TEAM
Clues Answers
Long. crosser, on a map LAT
Lyrical lines ODE
Marathon souvenir shirts TEES
Moe's Southwest Grill order TACO
Mutant superheroes of comics XMEN
Needing no Rx OTC
Needing sharpening DULL
New Zealand tongue experiencing a revival MAORI
Nick Charles' mate NORA
Of ill repute SEAMY
Off base with permission ONLEAVE
Officiated at Fenway UMPIRED
One in the clink CON
One-eighties UEYS
Ones in distress, in old movies DAMSELS
Outburst of laughter GALE
Part of a dog's paw PAD
Play to the balcony EMOTE
Plays for a pawn USES
Precursor of reggae SKA
Recover from a fainting COMETO
Request prior to an anthem PLEASERISE
Sclera's place EYE
Sewing machine innovator Howe ELIAS
Shopping with virtual carts ETAIL
Sony or Universal RECORDLABEL
Supplies with a crew MANS
Tabriz's land IRAN
Terse summons SEEME
The Beatles' meter maid RITA
Uncool sort NERD
USS Constitution, notably FRIGATE
Vacation isle off Venezuela ARUBA
Wearer of a conical cap, once DUNCE
Whence the phoenix arose ASHES
Where Kim holds sway NORTHKOREA
Wine with a sparkle ASTI
Word before wave or basin TIDAL
___ Beta Kappa PHI