New York Times - Oct 21 2018

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Clues Answers
'Alea iacta ___': Caesar EST
'Cuz I told you to!' SEZME
'Darn it all!' RATS
'For a massage, go that way!,' literally? THERESTHERUB
'Give it a ___' REST
'Heavens!' EGAD
'Mutiny on the Bounty' captain BLIGH
'Not so fast!' HOLDIT
'Sign me up!' IMIN
'Silly me, rambling again!' THEREIGO
'Toodles!' TATA
'Wise' ones OWLS
'___ official' ITS
1960s-'70s police drama THEFBI
About 10% of Russia TUNDRA
About, on memos INRE
Actor Eric BANA
Addresses a crowd ORATES
Afternoon hour TWO
Agenda entry ITEM
Angled edge BEVEL
Aphrodisiacs boost it LIBIDO
Backpack feature STRAP
Barbie attendee AUSSIE
Barn greeting MOO
Bloody, say RED
Brought about LEDTO
Bumbling INEPT
Bundled, as hay BALED
Calf-length dresses MIDIS
Capital of Liechtenstein VADUZ
Car failure only a block from the mechanic, literally? LUCKYBREAK
Certain med. specialist ENT
Chamber music group, often TRIO
Chant at a political rally USAUSA
Classic London theater OLDVIC
Clue weapon WRENCH
Coiner of the term 'generative music' BRIANENO
Coming back in RETRO
Conservative TORY
Declare STATE
Didn't sleep well TOSSED
Directive BEHEST
Dissed with flowery language, literally? ELEGANTLYPUT
Do for Jon Batiste AFRO
Draftable ONEA
Drudge PEON
Embarrassment for an art curator FAKE
Employs USES
Eye socket ORBIT
Farm measures HECTARES
Fast-food chain with a hat in its logo ARBYS
Firebugs PYROS
First African-American sorority AKA
First country to legalize changing one's gender identity SWEDEN
First sign ARIES
Five-time Emmy nominee for 'Grey's Anatomy' SANDRAOH
For nothing GRATIS
Fourth-down play PUNT
Frustrated cry GAH
Give unsolicited advice KIBITZ
Gnocchi ___ Romana ALLA
Haberdashery buys TIECLIPS
Headline after a toddler C.E.O. resigns, literally? BABYSTEPS
Hip-hop dance move NAENAE
Hole foods? DONUTS
Irritate CHAFE
It may be cutting things close RAZOR
Clues Answers
Its HQ is the Pentagon DOD
Jefferson Memorial topper DOME
Jennifer who wrote 'Manhattan Beach' EGAN
Job for a plastic surgeon, for short LIPO
Key of Dvorák's 'New World' Symphony EMINOR
Kind of humor TOILET
Kindle download EBOOK
Land in 'The Hunger Games' PANEM
Lhasa ___ APSO
Lie low HIDE
Like many wine casks OAKEN
Like rain forests LUSH
Like the dress shirt that's just adorable, literally? CUTEASABUTTON
Manhattan neighborhood next to the Lower East Side NOLITA
Medicare provision for nonhospital expenses PARTB
Midnight, maybe CURFEW
Mixture of nature and technology BIONICS
Modern name in transportation UBER
Music outro effect FADE
Non-fish aquarium attraction OTTER
Not do so well AIL
One answer to the question 'What's your favorite music genre,' literally? JAZZHANDS
Orders at the Rose & Crown ALES
Part of a circle ARC
Perch for pigeons LEDGE
Perspectives SLANTS
Peter Pan rival JIF
Pinocchio, e.g FIBBER
Plea to a superhero, maybe SAVEUS
Popular line of dolls with 'Kidz' and 'Babyz' spinoffs BRATZ
Popular singer born in County Donegal ENYA
Portrayer of TV's Det. Fin Tutuola ICET
Positive market move GAIN
Pouty face MOUE
Precalculator calculator ABACUS
Printer brand EPSON
Prominent parts of goblins EARS
Puffs up BLOATS
Punch vs. Judy, literally? PUPPETSHOW
Quote from a letter RENT
Rapper with the 2017 #1 hit 'Bodak Yellow' CARDIB
Repossessed SEIZED
Seventh-year exam in Harry Potter NEWT
Signature Jacques Tati role HULOT
Snacks often paired with milk OREOS
Snide and sassy SNARKY
Son of Adam ABEL
Spelunker's helmet attachment LAMP
Springs LEAPS
Squared building stone ASHLAR
Street crossing Hollywood in Hollywood VINE
Superhero outfits, typically UNITARDS
Takes off in a hurry SCRAMS
Takes off in a hurry DASHES
The Chainsmokers or Eurythmics POPDUO
Three short, three long, three short SOS
Total baller BADASS
Trespass upon INVADE
Trigger, as an alarm TRIP
TV colleague of Hayes and O'Donnell MADDOW
Underwear brand HANES
Urge on PROD
Weapon for William Tell CROSSBOW
What starts with a spark of an idea? ARSON
Where cuneiform was discovered AMARNA
Where one might be well-suited MENSSHOP
World-weariness ENNUI
___ Lingus AER
___ stick POGO