Family Time - Sep 24 2018

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Clues Answers
"Cogito, ___ sum" ERGO
500-sheet unit of paper REAM
A billion years EON
A type of tide NEAP
Amateur's opposite PRO
Android download APP
Barbecue rod SPIT
Bat's hanging tooth FANG
Be a tree pruner LOP
Brand of building blocks LEGO
Bus rider's payment FARE
Buttonless sweater SLIPOVER
Carpet buyer's calculation AREA
Char the surface SEAR
Chew like a mouse GNAW
Chip 'n' ___ DALE
D.C. wheeler-dealer POL
Deodorant type ROLLON
Droop in the middle SAG
Fast avian Australian EMU
Fleecy mother EWE
Formal party GALA
Found, as a foundation ENDOW
Get by hard work EARN
Had a sandwich ATE
Harbor boat TUG
Having existed from the beginning PRIMEVAL
Having no values AMORAL
Hearing organ EAR
Indian bread NAAN
Like a mechanic's rags OILY
Clues Answers
Lion's aggressive sound ROAR
Listing of dishes MENU
Loop-___-loop THE
Make pigtails BRAID
Masseuse employer SPA
N. Dakota is in it USA
Not leave empty FILL
Not that thing THIS
Online diary BLOG
Paddle relative OAR
Part of a chimney FLUE
Part of a swearing in OATH
Period before the results come in (2 words) LEADTIME
Prefix with perspirant ANTI
Pressing URGENT
Question from a magician's audience HOW
Ready for business OPEN
Require NEED
Respectful thing to pay HOMAGE
Sandpaper coating GRIT
Switch position OFF
Take to court SUE
Thing for a driver to read (2 words) ROADSIGN
Triceps location ARM
Try to persuade URGE
Type of rally PEP
U-turn from cool WARM
U-turn from dark LIGHT
U-turn from short LONG
Well-ventilated AIRY
Whichever is chosen ANY
Wind up END
Work at, as a trade PLY
Work in a cleaners IRON