L.A. Times Daily - Mar 22 2009

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Clues Answers
"Bad politicians are __ Washington by good people who don't vote": William E. Simon SENTTO
"CHiPs" costar ESTRADA
"Golly!" GEE
"Gracias" response DENADA
"No way" NAH
"Sprechen __ Deutsch?" SIE
"The Count of Monte __" CRISTO
"Top __ mornin'!" OTHE
"Total patient" treatment HOLISM
1824 Schubert work OCTET
1980s tennis star Mandlikova HANA
Actress Blanchett CATE
Adopted TOOKIN
Aegean island IOS
African menaces TSETSES
Alphabet run BCDE
Alsatian bean? TETE
Analyze before putting, as a green READ
Anklebones TALI
Apt. units RMS
Arab League member OMAN
Beginning ONSET
Biennial games org. USOC
Big suit CEO
Bill of fare MENU
Census datum AGE
Chops down HEWS
Cohort of Paula, Simon and Kara RANDY
College member ELECTOR
Composer Camille Saint-__ SAENS
Cosmetician Lauder ESTEE
Courvoisier initials VSOP
Date SEE
Does a blacksmith's job RESHOES
Dog doc VET
Dogpatch possessive HISN
Emcee's job INTRO
Ensenada's peninsula BAJA
Evaluate ASSESS
Fast conclusion? EASTER
Final practice, maybe DRESSREHEARSAL
Firth of Tay port DUNDEE
Fish, notably SWIMMERS
Fisherman's tool SCALER
Flight segments STAIRS
Former state "separated" in seven puzzle answers: Abbr. SSR
Fox sitcom "'__ Death" TIL
Freeway neighbor ACCESSROAD
Fridge section CRISPER
Good to go AOKAY
Habitat MILIEU
Have on WEAR
Helmsley et al. LEONAS
Hidden supply CACHE
Hurdles for future attys. LSATS
Illogical, as reasoning FAULTY
In plain view OPENLY
It often begins with "See" CROSSREFERENCE
Java JOE
Kind of artery RENAL
Kind of illusion OPTICAL
Kind of tournament round, briefly ELIM
L.A.-to-Tucson dir. ESE
Lab protection gp.? ASPCA
Land in un lac ILE
Leeds pharmacists CHEMISTS
Letters that pack a wallop TNT
Clues Answers
Like much hotel room access KEYLESS
Louisiana-born designer BEENE
Man after Manning PASSRUSHER
Mer contents EAU
Mesabi Range output IRONORE
Mocking looks SNEERS
Movers' partners SHAKERS
Mythical ferryman CHARON
Nantes resident BRETON
NHL great and others ORRS
Nikon F, e.g., briefly SLR
Ointment BALM
Old French coin ECU
One who's washed up HASBEEN
Option word EITHER
Ore. and Alas., once TERRS
Ornamented map symbol COMPASSROSE
Paper alternative PLASTIC
Part of BBC: Abbr. CORP
Peddled again RESOLD
Pianistic embellishments TRILLS
Place to see sulkies HARNESSRACE
Postage-paid enclosure BUSINESSREPLYENVELOPE
Puma competitor REEBOK
Put-__: gags ONS
Run amok RIOT
Run off ESCAPE
Rural agreement YESM
Salma of "Dogma" HAYEK
Sch. district VIPs SUPTS
Sealy competitor SERTA
Señor's "Sure thing!" SISI
Sign of rough seas WHITECAPS
Sign-making aid STENCIL
Singer Amos TORI
Slowly permeating OSMOTIC
Some flat panel TVs PLASMAS
Something to build on? SPEC
South Pacific region OCEANIA
Souvenir shop hangers TEESHIRTS
Spanish 101 word ESTA
Spots for flowers SILLS
Stengel was their first manager METS
Strike, biblically SMITE
Stuff, as with food STODGE
Tan shade ECRU
Tendon SINEW
That, in Oaxaca ESA
The auld sod EIRE
The John B, e.g. SLOOP
Throw too high, e.g. ERR
Tombstone legend EARP
Trattoria treats GELATI
Trick RUSE
Trompe l'__ OEIL
Two-yr. humanities degrees AAS
Ump's counterpart REF
Univ. term SEM
UPS rival DHL
Viking language NORSE
Was a passenger RODE
Wash. hub for Alaska Airlines SEA
West __: some London residents ENDERS
Wine container VAT
Wood for bows YEW
Yeggs' targets SAFES
__ bene NOTA
__ Diego SAN
__ Fáil: Irish coronation stone LIA