Universal - Mar 10 2009

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Clues Answers
''Ah, Wilderness!'' dramatist ONEILL
''All systems go'' AOK
''Cash Cab'' vehicle TAXI
''David'' and others NUDES
''The best ___ schemes ...'' LAID
''___ a Grecian Urn'' ODEON
1949 milit. alliance NATO
45th state UTAH
503, in Roman numerals DIII
A long way off AFAR
A shortening, in more ways than one OLEO
Advance in age GETON
Albany-to-Buffalo canal ERIE
Ancient Semitic idol BAAL
Apparent moon path ARC
Bindlestiff HOBO
Brit's raincoat MAC
British isles AITS
Capital on a fjord OSLO
Cheers for a banderillero's superior OLES
Cinque follower SEI
Civil rights activist Parks ROSA
Congressional rookie FRESHMANSENATOR
Cookie since 1912 OREO
Corporate big shot SENIOREXECUTIVE
Crackerjacks PROS
Crusty piece of bread HEEL
Determine if it's gold ASSAY
Dionne Warwick's ''I ___ Little Prayer'' SAYA
Driver's 180 UTURN
Ed with seven Emmys ASNER
End of many URLs COM
England's ___ Downs EPSOM
Errand boy GOFER
Exceeding what is appropriate UNDUE
Expensive fur MINK
Fermi's fascination ATOM
Gomer of classic TV PYLE
Hardly handsome UGLY
Clues Answers
Heavy burdens ONUSES
High mountain ALP
Israeli novelist Oz AMOS
It has a primed and painted body AUTO
It's grate stuff ASH
Jules Verne milieu SCIFI
Kind of triangle OBTUSE
Kitchen hot spot OVEN
Lay off, to a batter TAKE
Many Consumer Reports employees RATERS
Martial arts school DOJO
Microwaves, informally NUKES
Must, informally GOTTA
Noted critic of capitalism MARX
O founder OPRAH
One place to flounder ATSEA
Opera goddess DIVA
Places for making soaps? SETS
Port city on an arm of the Black Sea ODESSA
Pronoun for a ship SHE
Rookie of the Year's concern SOPHOMOREJINX
Secure, as an apron TIE
Selected, as straws DREW
Small jazz combo TRIO
Soap and water creations SUDS
Some soccer game observers MOMS
Sound of insight AHA
Sticks out or protrudes JUTS
Tap the brakes SLOW
Tennis legend Arthur ASHE
The Bard's wife ANNE
The mating game CHESS
Wasp's nest setting EAVE
Western plateau MESA
Where the deliriously happy walk ONAIR
With more bloodshed GORIER
Wolf in the western U.S. LOBO
Women's volunteer organizations JUNIORLEAGUES
Word that rhymes with its opposite HIRE