New York Times - Mar 9 2018

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Clues Answers
'See ya' CIAO
'The Old Curiosity Shop' girl NELL
'The Wizard of Oz' farmhand ZEKE
'What's past is past,' e.g TRUISM
'___ done now?' AREWE
2008 Bond girl Kurylenko OLGA
Acropolis figure ATHENA
Animated character who graduated from Dogwarts University GROMIT
Bad way to go KABLOOEY
Bedevil NAGAT
Bottom line? HEM
Buffalo's home: Abbr NYS
Campaign aid PAC
Car once promoted with the line 'The thrill starts with the grille' EDSEL
Cause of bad dreams, in modern lingo NIGHTMAREFUEL
Circular parts ADS
City nicknamed 'The Old Pueblo' TUCSON
Classic arcade game with lots of shooting NBAJAM
Court divider NET
Emphatic admission YESIDO
Enamors CHARMS
Express stress, in a way GROAN
First world capital, alphabetically ABUDHABI
Flag-waving and such JINGOISM
Follower of bon or mon AMI
For adults only XRATED
Formidable opponents NEMESES
Giant competitor PADRE
Group in the original 'Ocean's 11' RATPACK
Group of female seals HAREM
Gulf of ___ SUEZ
Has-___ BEEN
Helicases split it DNA
It could be on the tip of your tongue TASTEBUD
Clues Answers
Jacob's partner in 'A Christmas Carol' EBENEZER
Joe known as 'The Comeback Kid' MONTANA
Juiced (up) SOUPED
Last name of cosmetics giant Mary Kay ASH
Like clothes buttons, generally SEWNON
Like Istanbul EURASIAN
More, in México MAS
Musical 'girl who cain't say no' ADOANNIE
Nocturnal acronym REM
O.C.D. fighter, maybe PROZAC
One going against the grain? REAPER
Poem greeting the dawn AUBADE
Powerhouse in Olympic weightlifting RUSSIA
Prefix with -gon NONA
Put forth ASSERT
Rail center? MARSH
Request for food delivery ORDEROUT
Santa ___, Calif ROSA
Scuffle SCRAPE
Show immediately preceding another LEADIN
Small slip LAPSE
So-so, as support LUKEWARM
Someone who's pretty darn good NOSLOUCH
Source of stone used to build the ancient Egyptian pyramids ASWAN
Speaker units OHMS
Special-education challenge AUTISM
Strange things EXOTICA
Super 8, e.g INN
Superbright NEON
The 'R' of 28-Across RAPID
Tom Sawyer's half brother SID
Touched DAFT
Unexciting poker holding PAIR
___ rap GANGSTA