Wall Street Journal - Mar 6 2009 - March 6, 2009 - Dispossessed

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Clues Answers
'Are you ___ out?' INOR
'Ars gratia ___' (MGM motto) ARTIS
'Cuchi-cuchi' entertainer CHARO
'Keen!' NEATO
'Miracle Mets' manager HODGES
'That's terrible' SOSAD
'There ___ stupid questions' ARENO
'We ___ please' AIMTO
1954 sci-fi classic THEM
1965 Beatles concert venue SHEA
Argentine article LOS
Balance sheet entry ASSET
Baldwin and Guinness ALECS
Beat sheet, for short ECG
Bend at the barre PLIE
Big name in ratings NIELSEN
Bird hunted to extinction by the Maori MOA
Bodega Bay's county SONOMA
Boneheads DOLTS
Button for bowlers RESET
Cardinal toppers CRESTS
Clown College home SARASOTA
Community character ETHOS
Comparable to a hornet or a hatter ASMAD
Compassion HEART
Continental divide OCEAN
Contractor's detail SPEC
Correspond WRITE
Creative sort LIAR
Dancer's teammate COMET
Deli loaves RYES
Dirty Harry's org. SFPD
Duane and Nelson EDDYS
Endeavor TRY
Escargot's universe? SNAILSPACE
Except for SAVE
Exterminator at Parliament? LORDSPRAYER
First last name tag NEE
Fit for a king REGAL
Foot, to Flavius PES
Front runners? DESERTERS
Geometry setting PLANE
Grenade propeller LAUNCHER
Groundbreaking discoveries? ORES
Grounded flier SST
Hägar's dog SNERT
Heckled RODE
Helpless? SOLO
Hit the jackpot SCOREBIG
Home of the Wildcats RUPPARENA
Homemade Irish side dish? MURPHYSLAW
House hangover EAVE
Humidor item CLARO
Hurry-up order ASAP
Instrument for an emergency responder? FIREMANSAX
Introduction to Romeo ALFA
Ivory trade SOAP
Jargon from a bereaved wife? WIDOWSPEAK
Jersey sound MOO
Johnny Appleseed, e.g. SOWER
Juan's wife ESPOSA
Just painted WET
Laudatory lines ODE
Leafy lunch SALAD
Lesage's 'Gil ___' BLAS
Less likely to start a conversation SHIER
Less on the level SHADIER
Lhasa ___ APSO
Like some measures DESPERATE
Looking like a lion TAWNY
Clues Answers
Make baby food, perhaps PUREE
Makeup of an underwater forest KELP
Milquetoast WIMP
Neighborhood AREA
Nickname for a plodding pirate? CAPTAINSLOG
Not able to take it easy TYPEA
Old Finnish coin PENNI
Ollie's partner as a tiller of the soil? FARMERSTAN
One explanation for not wanting to go to a movie ISAWIT
One may be tapped MAPLETREE
One meaning of x TIMES
One might be cited PRECEDENT
One of Donald's nephews LOUIE
One who is bad to verse? POETSCORNER
Opinion that ladies can be as profane as gentlemen? WOMENSWEAR
Oxford feature LACE
Pakistani river INDUS
Part with SPARE
Patriots' Day mo. APR
PDA entry APPT
Place to wash up in a graphic arts shop? PRINTERSINK
Plumber's helper SNAKE
Poke around SNOOP
Practice piece ETUDE
Profitable Internet business PORN
Proscribed acts NONOS
Quarterback Drew OLSON
Relentlessly gloomy DOUR
Respect, in slang PROPS
Right to decide SAY
River near Balmoral Castle DEE
Robert who played A.J. Soprano ILER
Rustic stopovers INNS
Scaly squeezers BOAS
Script direction ENTER
Season segments EPISODES
Seat of Hawaii County HILO
Show a second time REAIR
Shrinking sea of Asia ARAL
Small car, perhaps TOY
Soft touches DABS
Some Best Buy buys SONYS
Some synthetics RAYONS
Source of sage advice WISEONE
Splash ECLAT
Stick in the water OAR
Suit material? TORT
Sung syllables LAS
Sushi bar offering SAKE
Switch ending EROO
Syndicated astrologer Sydney OMARR
Takes it easy RELAXES
Temperamental MOODY
The answer is blowin' in the wind SAIL
They're elementary in NYC PSS
Threat of a malpractice suit? DOCTORSCARE
Turns at bat in Anaheim? ANGELSWINGS
Union member STATE
Unspoiled spot EDEN
Urban alligator's home SEWER
USN rank CPO
Walk in the park AMBLE
Way to the summit TBAR
Wee ones TYKES
Wee ones TOTS
Whatever ANY
When la luna shines NOCHE
Word of wonder GEE