The Telegraph - CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 28,636 - Jan 15 2018

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Clues Answers
A cat, tiny little thing ATOM
A duel, two in conflict, illegal OUTLAWED
After face shaved, he hurt ACHE
An orchestra aboard Titanic, perhaps giving shout from it? ABANDONSHIP
Average market FAIR
Chaos in opium den, man misbehaving PANDEMONIUM
Home encapsulating a royal residence PALACE
Item of underwear in mind BRAIN
Lifting mechanism, actions for defence against strikers? BLOCKANDTACKLE
Lighter suit MATCH
Naked woman you painted bare for just ends? NUDE
One and the other scoffing last of clear soup BROTH
One inhabiting a Hebridean island IONA
One witnessing sober rev getting drunk OBSERVER
Clues Answers
Person's loyal if working for money PROFESSIONALLY
Piece in document left DEPARTED
Poor lover gets stood up by female NAFF
Printers breed dogs TYPESETTERS
Recalled by shaking around one�s middle -- this performer? BELLYDANCER
Religion thus hides clue SHINTO
Ruin mother's ruin? That's the limit! MARGIN
Series of tennis shots to get better RALLY
Some socks and a little shoe SANDAL
Superstar, I party! ICON
Sweet thing, a turnover? UPSIDEDOWNCAKE
Unemployed, I had left employment originally IDLE
Wine: whole amount knocked back by trainee soldier MUSCADET
Wrong if board praised colourful flier BIRDOFPARADISE