Eugene Sheffer - King Feature Syndicate - Jan 12 2018

Clues Answers
'Arrivederci!' CIAO
'As I see it,' in a text IMO
'Give whirl!' ITA
'Guinness Book' suffix EST
'In America' writer Susan SONTAG
'Phooey!' DARN
'Tasty!' MMM
-de-France ILE
24 hours DAY
African desert SAHARA
Architect I.M PEI
Baked pasta dish MANICOTTI
Be sick AIL
Bonkers NUTSO
Boom times UPS
Branch ARM
Bridge coup SLAM
Bump into MEET
Canonized figure SAINT
Catchers' needs MITTS
Chopper AXE
Con job SCAM
Crop up ARISE
D-Day beach OMAHA
Demands, as payment EXACTS
Disdain SCORN
Energy VIM
English cattle breed DEVON
Fictitious MYTHIC
Firm belief DOGMA
Formerly called NEE
Fuel stat MPG
Goat's plaint MAA
Clues Answers
GPS suggestion RTE
Granada gold ORO
Handle KNOB
Homer Simpson's wife MARGE
Humorist WIT
Justice Samuel ALITO
Light brown TAN
Michelangelo masterpiece PIETA
Ms. Thurman UMA
Oklahoma city ADA
Oman neighbor YEMEN
Opera legend Luciano PAVAROTTI
Packed away ATE
Paulo, Brazil SAO
Potent stick TNT
Pvt.'s superior SGT
Ruth Ginsburg BADER
Sailor's assent AYE
Sciences' partner ARTS
Scull tool OAR
Shade TINT
Should, with 'to' OUGHT
Sofa's kin DIVAN
Sparkle GLEAM
Started LED
Taboo NONO
Tiki bar necklace LEI
Track circuits LAPS
Trail the pack LAG
Trembled SHOOK
Wee bit TAD
Wooden peg DOWEL
Yon maiden SHE