The Washington Post - Dec 24 2017

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Clues Answers
'Be silent,' in music TACET
'Delta of Venus' author NIN
'My man!' BRO
'My man!' DUDE
'The Mary Tyler Moore Show' newsman TED
*'Hail to thee, blithe Spirit!' poet PERCYBYSSHESHELLEY
*1985 #1 hit for Paul Young EVERYTIMEYOUGOAWAY
*Criminal justice supervisor PROBATIONOFFICER
*Get worse, with no way to stop SPINOUTOFCONTROL
*Nero Wolfe title that plays on the start of an old adage WHERETHERESAWILL
16th-century date MDL
1965 King arrest site SELMA
2017 World Series champ ASTRO
A little lower? CALF
Adept PRO
Agree to GRANT
All the time ALOT
Amber __ ALE
André Previn's adopted daughter SOONYI
Anime cousin MANGA
Any minute, old-style ANON
Arles article UNE
Arles assents OUIS
Assist AID
Assume as fact POSIT
Author Martin AMIS
Back in the bay ASTERN
Baking supplies YEASTS
Ballade's final stanza ENVOI
Batted WASUP
Bed board SLAT
Big name in shoes MCAN
Bit of work ERG
Bone head? OSTE
Boo relative HISS
Book with a lock DIARY
Break off CEASE
Change the decor of REDO
Church contribution OFFERING
Cold War initials USSR
Comet's path ORBIT
Common conjunction NOR
Company whose German pronunciation has two syllables PORSCHE
Complete ENTIRE
Composer of the short piano pieces 'Le Yachting' and 'Le Golf' SATIE
Cozy corner NOOK
Cracker topper BRIE
Creek croaker TOAD
Cries of support OLES
Decked out CLAD
Declaim ORATE
Deeply engrossed RAPT
Delhi wrap SARI
Dentist's directive FLOSS
Devotee BUFF
Do serious damage to SCAR
Dovetail MESH
Drifted gently WAFTED
Dundee disagreements NAES
Ear specialist's science OTOLOGY
Eats or drinks HAS
Elementary particle ATOM
Formally approve RATIFY
Go around in circles EDDY
Goes up and down YOYOS
Golf shot STROKE
Clues Answers
Ham it up EMOTE
Hanker ACHE
Hard thing to kick HABIT
Healthful retreats SPAS
Heat unit THERM
Hockey's Bobby et al ORRS
How Steven Wright jokes are spoken DRYLY
In the Aegean ASEA
Inquisitive-sounding letter WYE
Israel's Golda MEIR
Israeli desert NEGEV
It's usually just before dessert ENTREE
Kept in barrels, maybe AGED
Kind of acid in proteins AMINO
Knighted English composer ELGAR
Like Beethoven, late in life DEAF
Like early Elvis albums MONO
Long-billed wader CURLEW
Looked like a wolf? OGLED
Many a retired racehorse SIRE
Massachusetts motto opener ENSE
Maxim that applies to pairs hiding together in the answers to starred clues OPPOSITESATTRACT
Medical center CLINIC
Moral obligations OUGHTS
Needle point? NORTH
Notched, as a maple leaf EROSE
Once uncool sort who's now sort of cool NERD
Oral health org ADA
Paper size: Abbr LTR
PD ranks SGTS
Perry of fashion ELLIS
Piña colada garnish? TILDE
Placing side by side APPOSING
Poetic foot DACTYL
Pretenses FACADES
Quaker in the woods ASPEN
Rail commonly found in water? SORA
Saturn vehicles? UFOS
See 2-Down LINE
Sensation before a delivery LABORPAIN
Sheltered in the Aegean ALEE
Shortened, as a dict ABR
Slate or Salon EMAG
Sleep like __ ALOG
Specialty METIER
Stop on the Turin-Genoa railway ASTI
Suffix with Caesar EAN
Sword handles HILTS
Symbols of thinness WAFERS
Tarzan's realm APEDOM
Texter's 'seize the day' YOLO
Thirst (for) YEARN
Tilter's tool LANCE
Transmute MORPH
Trunks TORSI
Tube, so to speak TVSET
Upper, in Ulm OBER
Victory symbol LAUREL
Wages PAY
Winding-road sign image WAVYARROW
With 13-Across, write (to) DROPA
Word coined by writer Capek ROBOT
Wrinkly dog SHARPEI
Wrinkly fruit UGLI
Yves' ink ENCRE
[Not a typo] SIC
__ Dictionary URBAN
__-up: hybrid musical piece MASH