Wall Street Journal - Dec 23 2017 - Christmas Bonuses

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Clues Answers
'...beginning to look ___ like Christmas...' ALOT
'...but the children know how he came ___ one day' ('Frosty' lyric) TOLIFE
'...___ cold winter's night that was so deep' ONA
'Chandelier' singer SIA
'Deck the Halls' snippet FALALA
'Elephant and __' (Mo Willems children's book series) PIGGIE
'Happy Motoring!' brand ESSO
'How could you think that of me?' IMHURT
'Le Mythe de Sisyphe' writer CAMUS
'Maisie's Merry Christmas' writer Paterson AILEEN
'Nova' subj SCI
'Stille ___' ('Silent Night') NACHT
'The hopes and fears of all the years are met in ___ tonight' THEE
'___ lovely weather for a sleigh ride together with you' ITS
'___ Mommy kissing Santa Claus...' ISAW
'___ you cry, I'll be back again some day' ('Frosty' lyric) DONT
A bireme has two banks of them OARS
Admin. aide ASST
Amazon smart speaker ECHO
Approximating suffix ISH
Assigner of nine-digit nos SSA
B&B visit STAY
Base-eight OCTAL
Blacklisted screenwriter Dalton TRUMBO
Blissful place EDEN
Body expert ANATOMIST
Bovine bellow MOO
Build-___ Workshop ABEAR
Cab competitor UBER
Candy pioneer H.B REESE
Cart pullers ASSES
Case handler: Abbr ATTY
Cash on hand? BET
Certain cola PEPSI
Certain colas RCS
Chip introduced in 1993 PENTIUM
Chock Full o' Nuts container COFFEECAN
Choir member ALTO
Christmas Day, this yr MON
Christmas tree branch? APIECEOFTHEPINE
Christmas tree decoration ICICLE
Cinematic canine ASTA
Clatters DINS
Concerned farewell BESAFE
Constrain STIFLE
Contemptuous expression SNEER
Contents of some pockets ORE
December 24 and 31 EVES
December, yearwise END
Decoration for Genghis's door? THEWREATHOFKHAN
Deuterium, e.g ISOTOPE
East, in Berlin OST
Entered GONEIN
Erstwhile Fox teen series THEOC
Field worker REF
Fish also know as black grouper BONACI
Fly off the shelves SELL
Fundamental principle TENET
Gifts for Dad TIES
Give ___ (care) ADARN
Goalie's wear MASK
Got out of the sleigh, say ALIT
Guest accommodation COT
Haas of 'Inception' LUKAS
Half-baked DUMB
Head, humorously NOODLE
Hearth stuff ASH
Hook helper SMEE
Horace collection ODES
Clues Answers
Household chore WASH
Hula hoop spinners HIPS
In the past AGO
In ___ (as originally located) SITU
Is audibly unhappy SOBS
Jackie of 'Rush Hour' CHAN
Jackie's second spouse ARI
Jimi Hendrix followed them at Woodstock SHANANA
John, to Lennon LOO
Joint use of a pasture COMMONAGE
Jump over OMIT
Kaplan University specialty ELEARNING
Kin of Art Moderne DECO
Lanford Wilson play 'The ___ Baltimore' HOTL
Like 12, but not XII ARABIC
Like some office Santas SECRET
Make abundantly clear STRESS
Marker feature FELTTIP
Meet successfully RISETO
Merchandise WARES
Mired-down-reindeer mishap? STNICKINTHEMUD
Mob bosses CAPOS
Monopoly quartet: Abbr RRS
More gung-ho EAGERER
More widespread RIFER
Move like the one-horse open sleigh riders DASH
Norse pole, e.g.? MAST
On the roof of ATOP
Once more ANEW
One addressed as 'my lord' EARL
One of five in 'The Winter's Tale' ACT
One with a mortgage, e.g LIENEE
Only president born in New Hampshire PIERCE
Period spent preparing the presents? WRAPSESSION
Places where the acoustics are lousy for Christmas singing? CAROLSBADCAVERNS
Polygraph exciter LIE
Privy to INON
Pros with bows ARCHERS
Reba McEntire's '___ Survivor' IMA
Refi restriction RATECAP
Renoir contemporary MONET
Response to 'Nice day' ISNTIT
Ring result TKO
Second part of a count STRIKES
Sermon's finish? ETTE
Shooter Shaquille ONEAL
Singer at Barack's first inauguration ARETHA
Singer-songwriter Sands EVIE
Single LONE
Stamped on TROD
Stocking stuffer? FOOT
Stops up DAMS
Strong heart ACE
Subj. of some WikiLeaks leaks NSA
Superior sort SNOB
Supervision of a creche display? MANGERMANAGEMENT
Teeming ASWARM
Two items on a bird lover's Christmas tree? STARANDFEATHER
Unsurprisingly ASEVER
Vittles CHOW
Wasikowska of 'Crimson Peak' MIA
Westminster Abbey's Cosmati pavement, e.g MOSAIC
Where residents wish each other 'Buon Natale!' ROME
Will of 'Blue Bloods' ESTES
Winter figures, made from the 'bonus' letters in this puzzle's theme answers SNOWMEN
Winter utterance BRR
Wonder-struck AWED
Yuletide quaffs NOGS