The Telegraph - Toughie - Dec 7 2017

Clues Answers
... reportedly ousted from power THRONE
A sense about compiler's refusal to turn faceless ANONYMOUS
Appeal discredits scrapping women's beachwear SARONGS
Border surrounded Germany, partly EDGE
Catches girls dropping sweetheart for love LASSOS
Church fine accepting island bishop's single state CELIBACY
Confederate's end in battle, Yankee's beat WEARY
Desperate man, drunk, promoted new kind of wine DANDELION
Does old party triumph after clear-out? DOTH
Employed by Times, say, is Times writer ESSAYIST
End objections being raised STUB
Fail to protect bishop, left offering rook DIDDLE
Gallant nobleman kept in iron shackles, gutted FEARLESS
God-forsaken isle lifeless in ground ISOLATED
Idiotic host supporting top of bill BARMY
In France the old man abruptly becomes undesirable LEPER
Clues Answers
It might fetch stick gripping one thrown finally CANINE
Jumper on line inside craft plant ARROWROOT
Liberal star, first to last, playful UNSELFISH
One raking in money sailors overheard on dock CROUPIER
Panel finding ice round poles over unlimited sea CONSOLE
Perhaps fix racket of gang chasing others RESTRING
Places to cover male films SHEETS
Scoundrel embracing old politician about to get intimate ... COMPADRE
Settle amount, tackling rising inflationary measure DISPOSE
Sharp answer by detectives in charge ACIDIC
Suitor, regularly false, not holding back a tear ASPIRANT
Temper letter consumed by anger INURE
Traitor occasionally cut short troublemakers RIOTERS
Understandably, someone entering rehab initially USER
Well with round and large openings for pen CORRAL
Wilts, doubling over in tears DROOPS