The Sun - Two Speed - Dec 7 2017

Clues Answers
A bird almost taken aback by big creature ORCA
Aches and pains AILMENTS
Act upon orders OBEY
Actor's make-up GREASEPAINT
Aden drought affected battleship DREADNOUGHT
All the time PERPETUALLY
Almost stuff container with scarf CRAVAT
Arm of a shirt SLEEVE
Bare, sparse SCANTY
Beam from the man RAY
Beam of light RAY
Cell-centres NUCLEI
Citrus hybrid UGLI
City fragrance COLOGNE
Countrified RURAL
Cut (into shape) CLIP
Cut 100 on cheek CLIP
Favourably inclined before Di's modelled PREDISPOSED
Fled RAN
For a change, play lute all the time PERPETUALLY
Formal neckerchief CRAVAT
From European airport, flying out to African city PRETORIA
Clues Answers
Fruit is nasty-looking, we hear UGLI
General ordered to blow up ENLARGE
German cathedral city COLOGNE
Globetrotter TRAVELLER
Greek character removing lice from centres NUCLEI
Group of boats FLOTILLA
Hassle Eve inside for cover SLEEVE
Heavily-armed battleship DREADNOUGHT
Inadequate vessel in dirty dwelling SCANTY
Indecisive person DITHERER
Irresolute person agitates the rider DITHERER
Killer whale ORCA
Law endlessly broken by artist in the countryside RURAL
Mail sent out resulted in complaints AILMENTS
Majestic, regal ROYAL
Model, composer, novice and queen encounter nomad TRAVELLER
Old Turk to carry out OBEY
Organised and hurried RAN
Regal two boys ROYAL
S African city PRETORIA
Separate gin mixer from make-up GREASEPAINT
Somehow I'll float a group of boats FLOTILLA
Top-flight HIGHLEVEL
Very important plateau? HIGHLEVEL