New York Times - Nov 26 2017

Clues Answers
'Cool' sort CAT
'Do as I say!' OBEY
'Fawlty Towers' or 'The Vicar of Dibley' BRITCOM
'Fighting' collegiate team ILLINI
'Go' preceder SET
'I call that!' DIBS
'I'll get this done' ONIT
'Oh heavens!' DEARME
'Pimp My Ride' network MTV
'You shouldn't've done that' NOTCOOL
1970s-'90s chess champion KARPOV
1972 #1 hit with the lyric 'No one's ever gonna keep me down again' IAMWOMAN
Actor John of the 'Harold & Kumar' films CHO
Actress Phylicia of 'Creed' RASHAD
And others, for short ETAL
Annual event viewed live by hundreds of millions of people, with 'the' OSCARS
Another name for Dido ELISSA
Auspice OMEN
Award won by 'The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time' BESTPLAY
Baker's container LOAFPAN
Benghazi native LIBYAN
Besmirch SMEAR
Big stretches AEONS
Blood type of a 'universal donor' ONEGATIVE
Blue-green hue TEAL
Broadcaster of many Ken Burns documentaries PBS
Brouhaha TODO
Capital of the world's happiest country, per a 2017 U.N. survey OSLO
Carne ___ (taco option) ASADA
Certain spa treatment FACEPEEL
Chilled ONICE
Climbing plant in the pea family VETCH
Coming up in vetoes NIXONTAPES
Continues REMAINS
Conversation interrupter in a car, at times GPS
Costa Ricans, in slang TICOS
Creative sort IDEAMAN
Crew found inside again and again THROWINGRICE
Cured salmon GRAVLAX
Curry of the N.B.A SETH
Dangerous vipers ADDERS
Does his name ring a bell? IVANPAVLOV
Don Quixote's unseen beloved DULCINEA
Emulate Snidely Whiplash SNEER
Fad dance move of 2015 DAB
Fear among underground workers Mindreaders
Feature on the back of some pajamas FLAP
Figure skater Sonja HENIE
Fill-in TEMP
First name in 1950s comedy DESI
Flourishes around monsoon events BRAINSURGEONS
Game predecessor of Riven MYST
Gets fresh with SASSES
Give for a while LEND
Go bad ROT
Good times BLASTS
Got 100 on ACED
Graceful losers, e.g GOODSPORTS
Guaranteed to succeed CANTLOSE
Hack down HEW
Heaters GATS
Hindu exercise system HATHAYOGA
Hosts, for short MCS
Hybrid activewear SKORTS
It goes downhill SLED
Its filling contained lard until 1997 OREO
Jazzy Anita ODAY
Clues Answers
Ka-boom! BAM
Laura of 'ER' INNES
Licorice-flavored extract ANISEOIL
Lid irritant STYE
Lists about a port on the Black Sea ROYALTASTERS
Lit a fire under ROUSED
Looking up ROSY
Magazine places ARSENALS
Major investors in start-up cos VCS
Metal pin stuck in parts of sinks DRIVETRAINS
Modern education acronym STEM
Motorsports vehicle RALLYCAR
Mounties' hats STETSONS
Moves, as a plant REPOTS
Need a lift? SAG
Neighborhoods surrounded by crime THEFAREAST
Nordstrom competitor SAKS
Nose of a wine AROMA
One of the principal deities in Hinduism SHIVA
Partner of a crossed 't' DOTTEDI
Per ___ DIEM
Pipe joint ELL
Poet ___ St. Vincent Millay EDNA
Pot note IOU
Provide cover for, say ABET
QB's cry HUT
Ranger's wear BERET
React to a haymaker SEESTARS
Reason to pull an all-nighter EXAM
Referring to this clue within this clue, e.g META
Regret RUE
Sample-collecting org EPA
Santa ___ winds ANA
Second Amendment org NRA
See 74-Down CRUST
Shades of tan ECRUS
Shout after seeing Godzilla RUN
Sign with an antlered pictogram DEERXING
Single-___ (like a certain health care system) PAYER
Slack-jawed AGAPE
Sliding item on a car MOONROOF
Something pressed against a conch EAR
Something to work through with a therapist TRAUMA
Song with verses by four or more rappers POSSECUT
Speedboat follower WAKE
Spy novelist Deighton LEN
Stella ___ (beer) ARTOIS
Style of Radio City Music Hall, informally DECO
Tailor's measure INSEAM
Take in ABSORB
Take off an invisibility cloak APPEAR
The 'I' of 'The King and I' ANNA
The Blues Brothers and others DUOS
The dark side YIN
Top-shelf AONE
U.S.O. audience GIS
Understand GROK
Unpleasant ICKY
Very in HOT
With 57-Down, something filling fills PIE
Words of empathy IHEARYA
___ ammoniac SAL
___ Dimas, Calif SAN
___ dish PETRI
___ Store APP