The Guardian - Cryptic crossword No 27,351 - Nov 10 2017

Clues Answers
Box fan is brown CHESTNUT
County person having a fling, noisily SHIRE
Crafty greeting applies Henry of York sources AHOY
Fish return I agree for island ANGLESEY
Foot, whose bait drifts downstream TROTTER
For use when sneeze almost audible? TISSUE
Glass utility houses slow section LASSU
Hairy creature still to secure independence YETI
Hitch film ROPE
Indulge yourself: say 'pointed part' backwards BINGE
Is a cartographer up for contents of tin? SPAM
It's rotten over in Mood County SUFFOLK
Measuring out letter 'Y' takes one TELEMETRY
Meet with elected scoundrel INCUR
Modest structure has no opening for writer HACK
Oily uranium counts varied round university UNCTUOUS
Part of crossword unfinished and afternoon's over? Clot! CLUMP
Clues Answers
Plot mark on new sheets etc BEDLINEN
Predatory bird's form of relaxation HOBBY
Rail, one ascending mount ARAB
Refined spy boss spelled out 'expired' EMENDED
Sally goes to pieces in film outfit EQUIPMENT
Seaside entertainer's sock PUNCH
Setter's cryptic clue opening rose to show acceptability with the young STREETCRED
So optimistic there's no room for the other two virtues? FULLOFHOPE
The business connecting one with low-down US lawyer AGENDA
Tree bark of sorts BAY
Two kings about to tear around a wood ball KNURR
Unplanned number one, Love Right Girl HITORMISS
Use sprinkler on second pitch? SPATTER
Vehicle manoeuvre — real comedy act? Rightturn
Violin's soundboard temperature, which responds to touch TABLET
Watch Diana? HUNTER