The Telegraph - TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 1,913 - Nov 8 2017

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Clues Answers
After first-half loss in trophy, nothing is twisted but masseur's needed PHYSIO
Beginnings of grisly epidemic rats might spread GERMS
Breathe in/out to get you to sleep HIBERNATE
Buffet -- feta and rice -- on a self-service counter CAFETERIA
Characteristic of tender superficial sketch? SHALLOWDRAUGHT
Displaying cheek make-up LIPPY
Esoteric conservationists opening up lands re-enact fighting TRANSCENDENTAL
Female relative as well as males turned up carrying ecstasy, leading to downfall NEMESIS
It's steep that Cockney chap getting depressed with loss of pound IMBUE
Kind of band with nothing new besides mounting reputation ONEMAN
Lassa fever cases out of danger SAFE
Like Democrats appear to Republicans, as all fingers and thumbs? OPPOSABLE
Malady in which one might fail to pronounce 'th' ASTHMA
Microwave demonstrated without preliminary hype OVEN
Clues Answers
Musical interval with topsy-turvy improvisation or tango heard being announced MAJORTHIRD
Old authority welcoming volunteers and not available on call OBTAINABLE
Party with measure of acid nothing to be upset about? One jumps in the water laughing DOLPHIN
Peak before rising depression renders you sleepy TORPID
Polish conger perhaps back in stream LEETIDE
Remedial treatment for peeping Tom? KEYHOLESURGERY
Sense economic decline with trendy Italy supplanting the French DEFINITION
Shot commercial about protected species in black and white PANDA
Some wholesome nutrition in list of dishes MENU
Surprisingly Romania is elsewhere ASIAMINOR
There's a point to this security for those temporarily under cover TENTPEG
To make matters worse former champion facing cut missing middle of green EXACERBATE
What joiners do daily and strikers less often HITTHEWOODWORK
Witness dropping a very pained expression OUCH