The Times - Specialist - Sunday Times GK Jumbo No 070

Clues Answers
“Set meals”, as we might call them TV dinners
A Jamaican street gang in the USA POSSE
A musician performing without preparation SIGHTREADER
A version of baccarat in which the role of banker moves between players Chemin de fer
Albert and Harold of Oil Drum Lane Steptoe and Son
An Iranian Shi’ite religious leader AYATOLLAH
Beyond Our Ken star who later played ARP Warden Hodges in Dad’s Army Bill Pertwee
Beyond Our Ken star who played Ricky Livid Hugh Paddick
Bird with a conspicuous chestnut-coloured tail REDSTART
Bramblings, linnets and siskins, eg FINCHES
Carry On star who portrayed Arthur Fallowfield in Beyond Our Ken Kenneth Williams
Christian rite acknowledging one’s faith and full participation in the church CONFIRMATION
Craftsman from the Guarneri, Amati or Stradivari families Violin-maker
Department of south-western France with a sizeable British community DORDOGNE
Departures from Cape Canaveral BLASTOFFS
En ____ is a way of capturing a pawn in chess PASSANT
Eponymous straight man of Beyond Our Ken Kenneth Horne
First line of romantic verse ending “And so are you” Roses are Red
French department in the north of the Pays de la Loire region sarthe
From an item of clothing, an old name for a working-class woman SHAWLIE
Frozen encrustation on a window Ice fern
Geddington in Northamptonshire has the best preserved ____, a memorial to Edward I’s first wife Eleanor Cross
Gem State resident IDAHOAN
Genre of French painting of courtly figures in a rural setting associated with Watteau Fete galante
Grade II-listed building in Birmingham’s Bull Ring, completed in 1965 ROTUNDA
Gyorgy ____, Hungarian-born composer whose music was used in 2001: A Space Odyssey LIGETI
Informally, a member of the United Society of Believers in Christ’s Second Appearing SHAKER
Italian stew of knuckle of veal cooked in tomato sauce Osso bucco
Clues Answers
James Joyce’s prose work about Humphrey Chimpden Earwicker Finnegans Wake
Jazz trumpeter Louis Armstrong’s nickname SATCHMO
Large container for shopping Tote bag
Living beyond the continental shelf in depths over 200 metres OCEANIC
Lower Saxony port from which the first regular shipping service between continental Europe and the USA began in 1847 bremerhaven
Machines which merge sets of decks of punched cards COLLATORS
Mexican hat with a wide brim SOMBRERO
Musical director of the Cleveland Symphony Orchestra from 1946 to 1970 George Szell
Norbert ____ of Manchester United was in England’s 1966 World Cup team STILES
Oxfordshire town where Blenheim Palace is situated WOODSTOCK
Political editor for BBC News since June 2015 Laura Kuenssberg
Portrayer of Sam Malone in Cheers Ted Danson
Queen consort of Richard II Anne of Bohemia
Reverend Ndabaningi ____ founded Zanu in 1963 SITHOLE
She portrayed Fanny Haddock in Beyond Our Ken Betty Marsden
Stiffened, as corsets and bras may be BONED
Strong impulse to steal with no apparent motivation KLEPTOMANIA
Tenor aria from Turandot, used as the theme song for the BBC’s 1990 World Cup coverage Nessun Dorma
The English, according to Napoleon shopkeepers
These may be stone, iron or stony-iron Motmots
Thick dairy product with a high fat content Double cream
This feudal knightly vassal of a baron also had his own vassals vavasour
Those who play an ancient string instrument with a body like a sliced pear lutenists
Walden; or, Life in the Woods was the original title of Henry David ____’s best-known book THOREAU
Well-reasoned estimate based on available information Educated guess
____ Gas is liquefied butane in a portable cylinder CALOR
____ Loos wrote Gentlemen Prefer Blondes in 1925 ANITA
____ played Ralph Ernest Gorse in The Charmer Nigel Havers