L.A. Times Daily - Jul 29 2017

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Clues Answers
"Buenas __" TARDES
"Danke __" SCHON
"Enough already!" GIVEITAREST
"Frozen" queen ELSA
"Is anyone else here?" AREWEALONE
"It wasn't me!" IMINNOCENT
"My turn" IMUP
"Semper Fidelis" group MARINES
2,000-year-old portrayal for Eden GENIE
2013 Nelson Mandela portrayer IDRISELBA
Abruzzi bell town ATRI
Alpha __: Bull constellation star TAURI
Arctic coast explorer RAE
Attention in a 50-Down TLC
Baseball statistic ATBATS
Born NEE
Built like models TOSCALE
Busts, e.g STATUES
California Raisins ads production technique CLAYMATION
Completes an installation, perhaps REBOOTS
Costumes GARBS
Cowardly Lion's farmhand alter ego ZEKE
Cylindrical stuffed pasta CANNELLONI
Director Lee ANG
Does lawn work SODS
ESPN journalist Kenny MAYNE
Excellent AONE
Fashion designer Jacobs MARC
Film with few costumes? NUDIE
Fling HURL
Fracas RIOT
George Washington in New York, e.g TOLLBRIDGE
German count GRAF
Hard pill to swallow BOLUS
Clues Answers
HR dept. concern RELO
Impersonates DOES
Infiltrators SPIES
It might be tapped BEERBARREL
Its point is often boring AWL
Jaw-dropping courtroom admission ILIED
Kazantzakis title character ZORBA
Lover of Geraint ENID
Middle of a classical trio VIDI
Model Cheryl TIEGS
Operates MANS
Pasta commonly served with Bolognese sauce TAGLIATELLE
PC connection LAN
Peach __ MELBA
Pierce portrayer ALDA
Pindar works ODES
Pitcher Hershiser OREL
Pressing agent IRON
React to dizziness REEL
River in Rwanda NILE
Shade-tolerant foliage HOSTAS
Shows one's hand, in a way GINS
Skim along, as clouds SCUD
Spam source HORMEL
Strained TENSE
Subside BATE
The better part MOST
Tolkien character ENT
Took the trouble CARED
Tuscan treat GELATO
Voice of Magoo BACKUS
Ward for heart patients, briefly CCU
Word with steel or square TOED